Download more images and videos with the updated Opera Mini for Android

The newest version of Opera Mini for Android, out today, comes with an improved download manager that gives you more power and control while downloading web content, including pictures and videos.

Opera Mini with improved download manager

Download managers are a highly-sought-after feature in India. According to a survey among Opera Mini users in India, 75% of respondents rated downloading as an “important” or “very important” feature. Around 60% of respondents said they “often” or “always” use Opera Mini for downloading content.

Get more control of your downloads

With Opera’s updated download manager you can:

  • Control the number of files you download simultaneously. Either restrict Opera Mini to downloading between one and five files when using mobile data, or set it to unlimited to make the most out of a fast Wi-Fi connection.
  • Get alerts when downloading large files, over 15MB. Choose to download them only over Wi-Fi so they do not eat into your data plan.
  • Decide if you want to save all downloaded files in a default location, or choose where to save them each time you download.

Access the type of content you want more easily

Searching the web is the second most-popular activity for Opera Mini users after social networking. To help you search more intuitive, Opera Mini has added updated the search bar. Select a category for your search results – web, images, video or news – before hitting the Go button. This new search bar is available in Opera Mini’s classic app-layout mode.

“With more visual and multimedia content on the web and phones with more memory, people are starting to download more images and videos”, says Christian Uribe, Product Manager of Opera Mini at Opera Software. “This new update offers a better way to organize downloads and smoother experience when you download and browse at the same time.”

Opera Mini is famous for its compression technology, which shrinks data up to 90% of its original size. This makes browsing with Opera Mini faster and also helps you save precious data. With Opera Mini, you can view your favorite Bollywood videos and holiday photographs faster, while you also download your favorite content more easily.