Get Snapchat-like stories from your favorite sites with Opera Coast

The latest version of Opera Coast, out today, comes with a new, unique way to preview your top news. The new “for you” feature aggregates articles from your favorite sites into one tile on your home screen. It gives you a personalized, fast, and customizable news experience right inside the browser.

“Our goal is to make news so attractive, fast and relevant that Opera Coast users won’t need to use other apps like Apple News, Flipboard, Facebook Notify or Nuzzel to get their daily updates,” says Huib Kleinhout, Product Manager for Opera Coast.

New for you feature in Opera Coast

“People already save their favorite sites. We wanted to make a news feed from those favorites more visually appealing and easier to get to with just one tap. We drew inspiration from apps like Snapchat and Instagram to create a completely new way of discovering the latest news and updates from the web,” adds Kleinhout.

How the feed actually works for you

“For you” articles are automatically collected articles from sites on your Opera Coast home screen. Once you have read the latest news from those channels, the feed updates with more news after 10 minutes, or whenever your favorite sites have new stories to share.

“Many people tend to visit the same news sites over and over again, just to find out there are no interesting updates,” says Kleinhout. “’For you’ selects the most relevant and popular news for you and shows it to you in an easy and engaging way.”

You can  check out the feed directly from the new tile on your Opera Coast start screen, or if you have a new iPhone 6s, you can Peek and Pop your home screen tiles to see a preview of the latest news from a particular site.

3D Touch on Opera’s iOS browsers

In addition to the new Opera Coast, Opera also launched a new version of the Opera Mini browser for iOS today.

Both the Opera Mini and Opera Coast browsers are updated with iOS 9 features including 3D Touch and Peek and Pop support. If you are one of the lucky people who have an iPhone 6s, you can now try out 3D Touch to get to your favorite sites straight from the browser app icon, which works as a shortcut to your Opera Speed Dial entries.

Opera Mini for iOS also features integrated Spotlight search, which suggests your Speed Dial entries while you type.

Download Opera Coast and Opera Mini for iOS from the App Store.