Opera Mini is the fastest browser for your phone, new tests show

Surfing the web with Opera Mini is faster than with the UC Browser or Google Chrome, according to new speed tests announced today.

Opera Mini in extreme-savings mode is 64% faster than UC browser. It also uses 2 times less data than UC Browser, giving users a respite from expensive data plans.

Tests also show users can load webpages 72% faster with Opera Mini extreme-savings mode than on Google Chrome and save 3.5 times more data.

Compelling speed and performance

“The average internet speed in India, 2.8 Mbps, is much lower than the global average of 5.6 Mbps. Considering that India is a mobile-first internet economy and users prefer to access the internet on the move, Opera has been working hard to tackle this challenge,” says Sunil Kamath, Vice President for South Asia & Southeast Asia at Opera.

“Our updates over the past few months, such as the integration of ad blocker and video boost, focus on optimizing our browser and making it faster, so users can enjoy seamless browsing.”

Opera Mini Speed test
Opera Mini data usage test

Free, built-in ad blocker makes browsing faster

Opera Mini is faster than ever before thanks to the new built-in ad blocker. With it, users can get rid of unwanted ads that often cover the entire screen. Getting rid of ads makes webpages lighter. Users can also save up to 14% additional data in the process. Learn how to turn on the ad blocker in Opera Mini.

Opera Mini also has a video boost feature, which reduces the size of video data. When a video is optimized, it loads faster and users don’t experience the buffering wheel.

How we tested

Engineers from the Opera Mini team put Opera Mini 16.0.2168, Chrome  and UC Browser 10.9.0 to the test. The device used was a Nexus 6 running Android version 6.0.1. Caches and histories of each browser were cleared before each test. The tests evaluated speed and data savings when loading Google.co.in, Facebook.com, Wikipedia.org, Cricbuzz.com and Shopclues.com on each browser for three iterations.