Opera TV and Novatek Launch OTT-Enabled SoCs for OEMs at CES 2017

Integrated OTT Platform to Increase Cost Savings and Reduce Time to Market for OEMs and OTT Content Providers

Opera TV, the global market leader in enabling OTT and Novatek, a leading global Display IC total solution provider, today announced the availability of Opera TV’s Over-the-Top (OTT) enabling product suite, pre-integrated on Novatek’s System-on-a-Chip (SoC) TV Platform. This modular solution offers device manufacturers a market-ready solution to launch Smart TV’s with hundreds of popular HTML5-based OTT services. This groundbreaking pre-integrated platform will provide immediate cost savings and reduce time to market for OEMs and content providers seeking to launch OTT services to customers on smart TVs.

“As the availability of OTT services expands globally, it becomes increasingly expensive and technically complex for manufacturers or SoC providers to stay ahead of the curve.,” said Aneesh Rajaram, CEO of Opera TV. “The team at Opera TV works relentlessly to reduce these barriers for our partners. This integrated platform will not only help accelerate OTT availability but also serve as another example of the path forward for key technology partners to continue to collaborate and devise cost-effective ways to deliver OTT-ready platforms to consumers.”

With continuous innovations in TV and mobile devices in recent years, combined with the rapid evolution of OTT services, consumer demand for high-quality video content continues to grow. The latest Novatek SoCs are packaged with Opera TV’s suite of OTT products including the industry leading Opera TV SDK, a next-generation Blink-based HTML5 engine, heavily optimised for performance with complete support for the latest TV industry standards, the Opera HbbTV 2.0 module, the Opera Media Streaming Module with support for all modern streaming formats; and Opera TV 2.0, an HTML5-based application platform providing tailored and engaging OTT viewing experiences. The integration enables Opera TV to provide more than 1,000 apps to Novatek’s customers for effortless OTT integration onto their devices, significantly reducing time to market. Opera TV’s apps ecosystem includes popular content partners such as YouTube, BBC iPlayer, BBC News and Hulu in addition to other must-have premium OTT apps.

The Opera TV ecosystem is the world’s largest unified platform for connected TV devices spanning more than 40 million devices shipped each year. Opera TV solutions include Opera TV 2.0, a next-generation OTT platform; Opera TV Snap 3.0, a complete end-to-end OTT app generator for broadcaster, content providers, and video on demand (VOD) services; Opera TV SDK, a platform for creating and rendering HTML5-based and video-centric user interfaces; and the Opera TV Store, an OTT experience for consumers. Unlike individual OEM or operator platforms, the Opera TV platform evolves quickly to keep pace with market requirements, supporting the complex needs of demanding OTT services.

Novatek is experienced in SoC design and provides designers with an array of features for a wide range of applications in TVs and integrated digital TV (iDTV), improving consumer’s TV experience. To meet the growing needs of OEMs, Novatek has developed a full range of TV solutions for different market needs and has also successfully introduced the platform with the world’s leading OEMs.

Availability and Demonstrations at CES 2017
CES 2017 attendees can experience a demonstration of the latest integration from Opera TV and Novatek at the Opera TV booth (South Hall 2 Meeting Place # 25270) at the Las Vegas Convention Center January 5 – 8, 2017.

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About Opera TV

Opera TV is the market leader in enabling the TV industry’s transition to OTT. The Opera TV portfolio powers rich web experiences on tens of millions of devices each year, including Smart TVs, set-top boxes, Blu-ray Disc players, Game Consoles and chipsets for more than 60 customers. The Opera TV ecosystem spans the Opera TV Store app platform with over a thousand entertaining apps tailor-made for TV, the Opera Devices SDK (software development kit) for creating and rendering HTML5-based user interfaces including optional modules to enable HbbTV, the Opera Media Streaming Module, to manage the rapidly changing global OTT streaming requirements, and the Opera TV browser for browsing the full web on TV. Opera TV offers solutions for OEMs, pay-TV operators, broadcasters and content publishers. Visit www.opera.com/tv to learn more.

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