Opera opens its PC browsers to crypto

– Opera to soon ship crypto wallet access with its PC browser

– Opera PC browser will give users access to the built-in crypto wallet in Opera for Android

– After strong interest in the private beta, Opera is opening the crypto wallet to a larger audience for testing.

On July 11, Opera became the first major browser to introduce a built-in crypto wallet. Opera for Android with crypto wallet enables seamless transactions on the web, and removes one of the biggest hurdles preventing cryptocurrencies from being adopted by the mainstream.

After the overwhelmingly positive response of the crypto-community and users to the crypto wallet in Opera for Android, Opera has decided to open up its popular PC browser to the mobile crypto wallet.

“By adding a crypto wallet directly into the browser, we removed the need for complex extensions or separate apps,” said Charles Hamel, Product Lead of Opera Crypto. “Opening up the PC browser to crypto marks Opera’s second step towards making cryptocurrencies and Web 3.0 mainstream.”

Opera PC Browser with built-in crypto wallet

The crypto wallet in Opera for PCs removes two main obstacles currently associated with managing cryptocurrencies.

Firstly, Opera users will no longer need to install and set up a crypto wallet extension in their PC browser. All they will need to do is to connect their Opera PC browser with the crypto wallet-enabled Opera mobile browser by simply scanning a QR code on their Opera PC browser. This will grant them access to their mobile wallet with cryptocurrencies and collectibles.

Secondly, the phone’s secure system lock will be used to store the keys. This will allow people to sign transactions with their fingerprints instead of using long passphrases, while maintaining the highest level of security.

“Some users prefer to perform crypto payments or interact with Dapps on their desktop. They can now do so in a simple way by using the same wallet they have on their mobile phone,” added Charles Hamel.

Opera PC browser users will gain access to the crypto wallet present in their mobile Opera for Android browser. This means they will be able to browse Web 3.0 and use Dapps on their computers while signing payments securely with their fingerprint on their phones.

The Crypto wallet in Opera for Android is a user-controlled wallet, which means that the keys controlling the funds and assets are stored on the user’s phone and nowhere else. It supports tokens and collectibles.  Collectibles are digital, unique “assets” you can own on a public blockchain.

Crypto wallet for the Opera PC browser will utilize the mobile app

“After making crypto payments smooth and easy on mobile, we wanted the find the perfect solution for PCs”, says Krystian Kolondra, EVP Browsers. “We realized the best way is to utilize our new mobile crypto wallet technology and to give our PC users access to it.”

The new, integrated PC-mobile crypto wallet solution will be added to the Opera mobile and PC browsers soon, eventually enabling the company’s more than 322 million users to start using the wallet in their everyday lives and across their devices.

Following a strong interest in the mobile solution first tested in Opera for Android as a private beta in July 2017 is now being gradually opened up to a larger audience. You can sign up to join the private beta by clicking here.

Opera aims to make browser crypto wallets mainstream

Opera’s decision to open up it’s PC browsers to a crypto wallet with Ethereum

support marks the next step in the company’s long-term strategy of meeting the needs of more demanding users with built-in features. Opera browsers are designed for people who opt to diverge from their devices’ default browsers in the favor of more sophisticated, yet easy-to-use solutions.

“At Opera, we try to stay at the forefront of innovation. Our next aim is to make crypto-integration mainstream. We believe blockchain technology has the power to transform the web of tomorrow and expect it to make a big difference in the years to come,” said Krystian Kolondra, Opera’s EVP Browsers.

In the near future, Opera will be rolling out several updates to the crypto wallet program across its mobile and PC browsers. Join our email list to stay on top of the recent developments on www.opera.com/crypto