Opera is adding a splash of color in a major upgrade to its Android browser

Opera for Android offers 10 colors to choose from

The newest version of Opera for Android steps beyond dark and light modes in a major interface redesign and adds Bitcoin support.

Oslo, Norway

Opera is getting a new look on Android today. The first iteration of the new design, codenamed Squircles goes beyond the light and dark mode paradigm which has become mainstream, and creates a new, more colorful one with ten new color schemes, a flattened design and smoother edges. The browser has also been redesigned for maximum semantic charge: the transition animations have been shortened so that users are able to get to their end goal more quickly.

Opera was among the first apps to introduce a dark mode, way before iOS and Android, and now we are preparing our browser for 2020,” said Stefan Stjernelund, Product Manager of Opera for Android. “Our new UI philosophy is focused on emotions, on how people feel when using the product. They don’t have time and need to get to what they want as quickly as possible. We are addressing this need with our new design.” 

A beautiful interface with transition focus

Opera’s new UI focuses on reducing unnecessary distractions: it abandons the former sharp geometry, introducing the concept of transition focus. 

What this means in practice is that the user should be delighted with a beautiful interface, without all the fluff: transitions should be as fast as possible,” added Stjernelund. 

All the powerful Opera features like the free unlimited VPN, the built-in ad blocker and Crypto Wallet are now supposed to follow the same line of thinking – users should be able to access them as fast as possible. The browser at the same time maintains a multitude of options which let users adjust the browser to their specific taste and make browsing even more visually pleasing. 

In the reworked Appearance section, Opera has added multiple color options, allowing the users to adjust the browser to their tastes and emotions: they can now choose whether they would like the UI elements highlighted in blue, red, gray, green or purple. The color themes can match the Android system’s dark or light mode, or be set up independently. This means Opera gives users five color options, all of which can appear in light or dark mode.

It’s time to move beyond light or dark and to add a splash of color,” added Stefan Stjernelund.

Stefan Stjernelund continues: “We want the Opera browser to set a new standard among browsers by providing the unique features we believe a modern browser should have. With this version we are beginning a series of design changes that we are looking forward to introducing to our fans in the near future.” 

Opera continues to provide an integrated news service which keeps everyone up to date with the news of their choice. The news service can be adjusted by choosing topics of interest, as well as the default language. As part of the redesign, the news is now presented in an even cleaner way. If you want to read it at night, the handy night mode will make it pleasant and put less strain on your eyes.

The Crypto Wallet: now with Bitcoin and TRON support

Opera was the first major browser to integrate a crypto wallet, enabling seamless access to Web 3, the emerging decentralized web of tomorrow. The browser is now adding Bitcoin and TRON support which means it’s the first time Bitcoin payments and transactions can be made directly in the browser without any extensions. With this release, Opera opens its Crypto Wallet to the world’s most popular blockchain, making it possible to send and receive BTC directly from the browser the way one would an image or a music file. This means anyone can now not only send Bitcoin and Ethereum to another person but can also use it while interacting with websites to pay for goods or services. The browser now also works with TRX and the quickly growing ecosystem of TRON DApps which can now be accessed in Opera. 

About Opera
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