Opera now lets US users buy crypto with Apple Pay or debit card

Opera Crypto Wallet US top ups

The world’s first Web 3-ready browser just made it much easier to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum and spend it too.

Oslo – Opera was the first browser to introduce Web 3 capabilities and a built-in crypto wallet across all of its mobile and desktop browsers. The Norwegian company is now letting its US users easily purchase cryptocurrencies using a debit card or Apple Pay. 

Easy crypto top ups are available in Opera’s flagship Android browser, its iOS browser Opera Touch as well as in the crypto wallet available in its desktop browser.

The integrated solution is available in the United States and Scandinavia

This announcement is a further step in Opera’s strategy to eliminate the hurdles associated with the use of cryptocurrencies on the Web. In December of 2018, the Norwegian company introduced the first blockchain-enabled browser, Opera for Android, with a built-in crypto wallet and Dapp explorer. Opera then proceeded to add a built-in crypto wallet to its desktop browser as well as to its iOS browser, Opera Touch. It later introduced easy crypto-purchases in Sweden, Norway and Denmark, and is now expanding them to the United States.

In the US, Opera is partnering with Wyre, a US cryptocurrency-brokerage firm, to enable easy and secure crypto-purchases directly from the browser’s crypto wallet. Opera Android users in the US can now buy BTC and ETH using a debit card. iOS users can simply use Apple Pay.

Charles Hamel, Head of Crypto at Opera browsers, explained how this integration supports Opera’s long-term vision of making blockchain technology relevant beyond speculation: “Allowing our users to easily load cryptocurrency into their browser’s digital wallet is very powerful, as it connects the Web to a global internet-native payment network.

From zero to crypto in less than 30 seconds

Wyre’s solution on Apple devices works seamlessly with Apple Pay, which makes it possible to top up an account in less than 30 seconds.

In the past, obtaining cryptocurrencies was a cumbersome process that took hours or even days. When you compare it with this seamless solution, which takes less than 30 seconds, it really is a gamechanger,” added Charles Hamel.

“Opera is the most forward-thinking browser platform – known for its privacy and security. Combining Web3 with Wyre fiat onramps will open up powerful financial use cases for its 360 million users worldwide. Our team is stoked to be building alongside Opera,” said Jack Jia of Wyre.

Opera also plans to introduce seamless crypto top-ups in other countries very soon.

To test the new, easy crypto wallet top ups in Opera for Android or Opera Touch available in the United States, download the Opera browser from the Google Play store or Opera Touch from Apple’s App Store.

About Opera

Founded in 1995 in Norway, Opera provides browsers and AI-driven content delivery solutions to 360 million people worldwide. On December 13, it introduced the first blockchain-ready browser. Opera is listed on Nasdaq under the OPRA ticker symbol. Fore more information, please visit www.opera.com

About Wyre, Inc.

Wyre is a regulated payment institution that connects traditional fiat payment networks to blockchain-native ecosystems. Founded in 2013, Wyre has traded $3.5 billion in cryptocurrency assets in-house and has completed more than $1 billion in blockchain-powered commercial FX payments. Operating a global payment infrastructure that includes relationships with regulated counterparties, Wyre has procured not only same-day settlements but deep also liquidity at best pricing & execution. Wyre is also one of the few US-licensed money transmitters in the crypto space and is proactively compliant with regulations. For more information, please visit www.sendwyre.com