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Opera GX teams up with TikTok for the #GamingForAll challenge feat. BlindWarriorSven, challenging gamers to defy their limitations

Opera GX and TikTok are teaming up to announce the international #GamingForAll Challenge on TikTok that will benefit AbleGamers, a non-profit organization dedicated to using gaming to foster inclusive communities and improving the quality of life for people with disabilities. Opera GX is on a mission to enable all users to pursue their passion for gaming, no matter what their goals or abilities. That’s why the brand is partnering with visually-impaired Street Fighter champion BlindWarriorSven to inspire every gamer to challenge themselves to overcome their personal obstacles – no matter what they are.

Opera GX browser teases real estate concept for exclusive gaming village and prototype home in Andorra

Opera GX is making a step from browser development towards property development. The idea behind the pilot Opera GX Village is to create a dream residential community for professional gamers and creators, built with their specific lifestyles in mind. A futuristic-utopia, where every home is furnished with top of the line gaming setups, decor, LEDs and fully customizable, just like the Opera GX browser but translated into a home. 

Opera GX launches GX Profiles and Video Pickup to enhance streaming and stream watching experiences for users

Today, Opera GX launches two new features, GX Profiles and Video Pickup. GX Profiles let users create several “copies” of Opera GX to separate and customize the browser they use to stream or to study from the one they use for other private activities by customizing each of these experiences. Video Pickup allows people to start watching Twitch or a video from another popular streaming platform on their PC and to continue on their phone right where they left off.

Opera GX integrates Logitech G LIGHTSYNC RGB to make gamers’ RGB-enabled set-ups shine when browsing

Create customizable lighting effects and animations to bring your gaming set-up to life in full polychromatic beauty when browsing with Opera GX  March 8, 2022, Oslo, Norway – Opera GX has integrated Logitech G’s popular lighting technology, LIGHTSYNC RGB,  to transform the browsing experience into a full-spectrum lighting experience, featuring over 16.8 million colors.  Gamers, […]

Opera opens up for faster, easier and free publishing of new games from GameMaker Studio to Opera GX users

Opera is launching a new self publishing platform named GXC. GXC will provide game creators with faster feedback for early stage games as well as with 1-click publishing from GameMaker Studio, to Opera GX’s growing gaming community. Game creators can join an early bird competition with a $45K prize pool for the best submitted games.

Opera Acquires YoYo Games, Launches Opera Gaming

Opera (NASDAQ: OPRA), the browser developer and consumer internet brand, today announced its acquisition of YoYo Games, creator of the world’s leading 2D game engine, GameMaker Studio 2, for approximately $10 million. The tuck-in acquisition represents the second building block in the foundation of Opera Gaming, a new division within Opera with global ambitions and follows the creation and rapid growth of Opera’s innovative Opera GX browser, the world’s first browser built specifically for gamers.