Opera GX Teams Up With Prime Video’s New Hit Series “Gen V” to Launch ‘V’, an in-world “Social Network” from Vought International

One-of-a-Kind Online Experience Will Bring Users Exclusive Content from the Universe of Gen V

OSLO, Norway – October 3, 2023 – Today, Opera GX, in collaboration with Prime Video’s series Gen V, streaming now on Prime Video, is unveiling a new, one-of-a-kind online experience to introduce its enormous community of fans to “V”, an in-world social network.

Superpowered by Opera GX, V is the new social media arm of the fictional Vought International. V allows users to get to know the supes featured in Gen V, and interact with in-world profiles of their favorite members of The Seven, including characters from The Boys such as Homelander, A-Train and dozens of other official characters from Gen V and The Boys.

V users can also explore the official in-world  Godolkin University, and catch up with some of its most popular students. Users will be able to keep up with Godolkin University’s latest student rankings as students battle for the top position and the opportunity to join The Seven, as well as access an array of exclusive Gen V content.

V will be continuously updated with new content throughout the season, echoing the hum of a real-world social network.

Of course, Opera GX is always looking out for its users, and fans can look forward to getting their hands on specialty Gen V and Godolkin University-themed in-browser Mods, highlighted by all the elements that make the show the raucous, edgy fan favorite it is today.

Accessing V is simple and can be found in the Opera GX sidebar. First time users attempting to open V will need to verify their age as mature content lies ahead.

For more information, visit the Opera GX website.

The Amazon Original Gen V, from the world of The Boys, is available now exclusively on Prime Video.

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