Opera Ads is awarded TAG Brand Safety Certified and Certified Against Fraud seals

Oslo, Norway – September 20th, 2023 – Opera Ads, the advertising platform by Opera, has been awarded the TAG Brand Safety Certified and Certified Against Fraud Seals by TAG (The Trustworthy Accountability Group). TAG stands at the global forefront in combating criminal activities and safeguarding brand integrity within the digital advertising industry. The two seals were achieved through a rigorous independent validation process by third-party auditor ABC, meeting the stringent requirements set for intermediary entities by TAG. 

Brand safety continues to be a concern for those trading in online advertising, with a recent study revealing that 40% of media industry leaders expect brand safety concerns to increase in 2023. TAG’s Certified Against Fraud Program aims to combat invalid traffic and fraud in the digital advertising supply chain. Additionally, the TAG Brand Safety Certified Program ensures brand safety and integrity, benefiting both buyers and sellers by setting high standards and fostering transparency, choice, and control. This enhances the value of certified sellers’ inventory. 

“To address complicated and intertwined issues like fraud and brand safety, companies from every part of the digital advertising industry must work together to set industry best practices and protect their partners and customers,” said Mike Zaneis, CEO of TAG. “We are pleased to honor Opera with the TAG Brand Safety Certified and Certified Against Fraud Seals for achieving the rigorous standards for both seals.”

“We are thrilled to be awarded these two prestigious seals from TAG, showcasing our unwavering commitment to safety, transparency, and trust in the digital advertising industry,” said Marcio de Barrios, Programmatic Director at Opera. “By adhering to the highest industry standards, we can protect our partners from potential risks and build long-term partnerships based on trust.”

Since its launch in 2019, Opera Ads has experienced remarkable growth, establishing itself as a significant force in the digital advertising arena. The network reaches 90% of internet users including hundreds of millions of Opera users worldwide with innovative, content-based ad experiences using native and premium inventory. With a focus on performance-driven strategies, the network ensures partners achieve high acquisition rates, prolonged audience retention, far-reaching brand awareness, and a favorable return on ad spend. Opera’s attainment of these two industry certifications highlights its commitment to upholding top brand safety standards and safeguarding the ecosystem and consumers against digital advertising fraud. 

For more information about Opera Ads please visit www.opera.com/ads

About Opera Ads

Opera Ads reaches and engages hundreds of millions of Opera users worldwide with innovative, content-based ad experiences within Opera’s global inventory and across its portfolio of products. Opera Ads is the platform of choice for advertisers seeking to reach a scaled and engaged audience in a highly transparent fashion across the fastest-growing mobile digital markets.

About Opera

Opera is a web innovator building on more than 25 years of innovation that started with the Opera web browser. While Opera is leveraging its brand and engaged user base in order to grow and develop new products and services for people who seek a better internet experience, Opera’s PC and mobile web browsers, content discovery platform Opera News, and apps dedicated to gaming and Web3  are already the trusted choices of hundreds of millions of active and engaged users. Opera is headquartered in Oslo, Norway, and listed on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange under the OPRA ticker symbol. Download and access Opera’s products and services from www.opera.com.