IBM Goes for Opera

Opera signals lead in the Internet appliance market

Oslo, Norway – May 15, 2001

Opera Software today announced that IBM has chosen Opera 5.0 for QNX for their NetVista Internet Appliance. This is Opera’s first major contract for its newly developed Opera for QNX browser, and another confirmation that the industry’s largest players are joining forces with Opera.

Earlier Opera has announced partnerships with industry leaders such as AMD, Ericsson, Psion, and Be.

“Signing with IBM is a major breakthrough for Opera Software,” says Jon S. von Tetzchner, CEO, Opera Software. “Today’s announcement is the first in a series that will show that Opera has taken the lead in the Internet appliance market.”

Opera 5.0 for QNX is a new platform for the Opera Web browser. QNX brings the total number of Opera platforms up to six; Windows, Linux, MacOS, EPOC, BeOS/BeIA, and now QNX. Opera started developing for QNX after being approached by IBM in November 2000.

“The fast development cycle that we managed for IBM was in great part due to Opera’s unique cross-platform technology,” says Hakon Lie, CTO, Opera Software. “We have in a very short time managed to give the QNX platform a browser that is both fast, stable, and full-featured.”

In most cases, embedded Internet devices are also memory-constrained, and the platforms and applications that run on them have to be scaled to fit the device. Opera is the ideal Web browser choice for the embedded market, based on its characteristics of being small, fast, configurable, while still full-featured. The unique cross-platform core enables the browser to be easily ported to other emerging platforms, and simplifies overall maintenance.

Opera for QNX will be made available for public download in the weeks to come.

Editor’s note: For a photograph of IBM’s NetVista Internet Appliance see under “NetVista”.

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