Opera Savours Mac

Opera 5 for Macintosh Beta 1 released

Oslo, Norway – May 29, 2001

Opera Software today announced the beta version of its browser for the Macintosh Operating System. This release also supports computers running MacOS X in the Classic mode, giving the great majority of Mac users the opportunity to try out the browser.

Opera 5 for Macintosh has already received rave reviews from Mac magazines and Mac users around the world who have tried out the browser in its technology preview phase. On the basis of their feedback, Opera has made changes to the the browser as well as the user interface. Now the browser not only offers Mac users a better and faster Internet experience, but the browser blends perfectly into their MacOS desktop environment.

“We hope many Mac enthusiasts will seize this opportunity to help us test Opera for the Mac. In return, we will make a faster, stronger and more visually appealing browser,” says Hakon Lie, Chief Technology Officer of Opera Software. “With the help of the enthusiasts we can issue a final version of Opera that the Mac community truly can call their own,” he says.

Opera 5 for Macintosh will run on PowerPC Macs with MacOS 7.5 or later installed. Systems prior to 8.0 will require installation of Appearance Manager. Opera 5 for Macintosh Beta 1 will work with MacOS X in the Classic mode.

Opera 5 for Macintosh Beta 1 supports the following World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards:

  • 128-bit encryption
  • TLS 1.0
  • SSL 2/3
  • CSS1 & CSS2
  • XML
  • HTML 4.0
  • HTTP 1.1
  • ECMAScript
  • JavaScript 1.3

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About Opera Software

Opera Software ASA is an industry leader in the development of Webbrowsers for the desktop and embedded markets, partnering withcompanies such as IBM, AMD, Symbian, Canal+ Technologies, Ericsson,Sharp and Lineo (now a division of Embedix). The Opera browser hasreceived international recognition from end users and the industrypress for being faster, smaller and more standards-compliant than otherbrowsers. Opera is available on Windows, Mac, Linux/Solaris, OS/2,Symbian OS and QNX. Opera Software ASA is a privately held companyheadquartered in Oslo, Norway. Learn more about Opera at www.opera.com.