Opera brings Image Generation and AI-powered news roundups to Android with Opera 83

Opera for Android Version 83 featuring image generation with Aria.

Oslo, Norway – June 25, 2024 – Opera, the original browser company, announces an update to its flagship mobile browser, Opera for Android, that enables image generation with Aria, the company’s native browser AI, as well as an AI-curated podcast selection on the newsfeed called Daily Roundups.

Version 83 comes with image generation powered by the Imagen2 image generation model from Google, which was also recently also added to the Opera Desktop Developer stream. Users can now simply ask Aria to generate whatever is in their head – a beautiful landscape, an image for a presentation, or even something whacky and implausible like a dog in space – and the browser AI will make it a reality. Images can be refined until they meet a user’s specifications, and then copied to a clipboard, saved, shared – or even set as the device’s wallpaper.

In addition to Aria, Opera is introducing AI into its newsfeed with Daily Roundups, where AI will offer a curated selection of the most relevant news podcasts to enjoy. Currently available exclusively in the US, the feature also comes with AI-powered audio playback, enabling users with busy lifestyles to listen to articles while multitasking or on the go.

“We’re excited to bring these new features to Opera for Android, further expanding the utility of AI in the browsing experience,” said Jørgen Arnsen, EVP Mobile at Opera “Image generation is a fun and useful addition to Aria’s capabilities that we could hardly have imagined a year ago, while Daily Roundups is such a boon for those of us who want to stay informed, but struggle to find the time. We’re really exploring the possibilities of how AI can make lives easier, as well as let people explore their creativity and express their uniqueness – all within the browser itself.”

Opera’s browser AI, Aria, was first integrated into Opera for Android in June 2023. Connected to OpenAI’s GPT technology, the free, unlimited browser AI features live results from the web, and facilitates tasks such as information retrieval, text or code generation, and product inquiries.

Opera has continued to develop new capabilities and use cases for Aria, tailoring the experience to the needs of users on the go. A recent Opera for Android version introduced Ask Aria and Aria Voice, which allow users to request additional information or context, as well as allowing users to interact with Aria by using voice in and out.

Recent updates beyond AI 

Both Version 83 and other recent Opera for Android updates have brought a more personalized experience to the browser. An improved search view in News allows users to quickly find their preferred country, while 30 new languages further localizes the user experience. And for football fans, a suite of new features – including a live score carousel with in-depth statistics, plus match notifications and a dedicated newsfeed – makes it easy to keep your finger on the pulse of the ongoing action at the European tournament.

Opera for Android is a powerful and secure mobile browser that enables users to explore the web with speed and safety. It features a free browser VPN and device-wide VPN Pro services, plus built-in ad and tracker blockers. Further user-friendly features – such as light and dark modes, a built-in Newsfeed, and Speed Dials – make Opera for Android the perfect browser for those who seek a seamless and secure browsing experience. 

So harness the power of AI on your mobile browsing – download Opera for Android today!

About Opera

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