Symbian Enhances Wireless Internet Offering with Opera

Symbian signs agreement to incorporate Opera browser in reference designs for Communicators

London, UK – May 29, 2001

Symbian and Opera Software today announced an agreement to include Opera as the default browser in Symbian’s reference designs for Communicator devices.

“We’re moving into a market where for millions of users their first experience of accessing the Internet will be from a mobile device. To offer mobile users a compelling multimedia experience we’ve been evaluating a number of browsers to complement the Symbian OS,” said Mark Edwards, EVP Sales and Marketing, Symbian. “Opera Software offers the most advanced specifications and features available in the market today. With this agreement Symbian and Opera will ensure that future browsing requirements will be easily and seamlessly incorporated into the Symbian OS.”

Symbian’s reference designs for Communicators enable a wide range of pen and keyboard based devices to be developed by Licensees, combining voice and data communications with powerful Internet and data capabilities the first one scheduled to ship being the Nokia 9210 Communicator which will be available in 2001.

“This is a great achievement for Opera, affirming us as the browser of choice and technology leader for the mobile Internet device market,” says Rolf Assev, EVP, Opera Software. “Symbian’s Communicator devices will offer an Internet experience unrivalled in pocket-sized devices. For many years Opera Software have developed and refined a browser technology that caters to these devices’ limited screen space and resources.”

Opera version 5 for Symbian includes the following technologies:

  • JavaScript support for JavaScript objects and form controls
  • ECMAScript regexp object
  • support for HTML event handlers
  • and the SSL handling of certificates
  • FTP
  • 128-bit encryption
  • SSL 2 and 3
  • TLS 1.0
  • CSS1 and CSS2
  • XML
  • HTML 4.01
  • HTTP 1.1
  • ECMAScript version 3
  • and JavaScript 1.4.

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