Opera 5 for Windows Reaches New All-Time High

Five million downloads milestone reached

Oslo, Norway – Oct. 4, 2001

Opera Software today announced that more than five million users have downloaded and installed Opera 5 for Windows since the release of the popular alternative browser on Dec. 6, 2000.

Opera 5 for Windows was the first of Opera’s critically acclaimed Web browsers to be released for free. The five million downloads include all downloads from Opera’s Web site www.opera.com, as well as reported downloads from partners. In addition to the five million downloads, millions of copies are distributed monthly on computer magazine cover CDs.

“We are extremely pleased to see that we have attracted so many new users,” says Jon S. von Tetzchner, CEO of Opera Software. “We are looking forward to release a version that also displays non-Western characters within a few weeks, to offer the rapidly developing Internet markets in Asia the ability to choose Opera as well.”

To display non-Western characters, future releases of Opera must include Unicode support. Opera has already released a version with Unicode support on the Opera 5.2.1 for QNX, and Unicode is scheduled to be included on most future releases of the Opera browser.

Opera is also available for Mac OS, Linux, EPOC, Solaris, QNX, BeOS and OS/2.

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