Opera Reaches 10 million All-Time High

Opera launches Opera 6.02 for Windows

Oslo, Norway – May 15, 2002

Today, Opera Software launched the latest update to its desktop browser, Opera 6.02 for Windows, and at the same time announced its all-time high of 10 million successful downloads and installations of its Opera for Windows browser. Opera 6.02 for Windows enhances many of the existing features, boosts speed, adds new integrated searches with eBay and Download.com in the Personal bar, and incorporates several improvements to the popular Opera 6 for Windows.

Opera 6.02 for Windows also introduces an SMS (Short Messaging Service) panel, which lets users send text messages to mobile phones directly from the browser. This SMS module is currently only available in Norway, but will expand to other countries in future releases of Opera.

Since the release of the first free version of Opera in December 2000, Opera 5 for Windows, and the subsequent release of the feature-packed Opera 6 for Windows in late 2001, the Opera for Windows browser has been downloaded and installed 10 million times.

“Opera 6.02 is a solid enhancement to Opera 6 and improves some significant functions, fine tunes speed, usability and the e-mail client,” says Dean Kakridas, VP of Desktop Products, Opera Software ASA. “We have seen the popularity of Opera for Windows, a leading alternative to Internet Explorer, grow tremendously around the world for the last year and a half, and our 10 million installed copies of Opera is evidence of this.”

Opera 6.02 for Windows adds and updates the following features and functions:

  • eBay in the integrated search box
  • Download.com in the integrated search box
  • OperaMail button on the Personal bar. Users can log in to their Web mail account while surfing in Opera.
  • SMS (Short Messaging Service) panel currently in Norway only.
  • Flash plug-in upgraded to Version 6
  • Improves the integrated e-mail client
  • Updated full kiosk mode
    (This is a feature available to registered users of Opera and lets Internet Kiosks control the setting of the browser for public use. Further information on kiosk mode.)
  • General Unicode improvement
  • Updated Help files

Complete changelog of Opera 6.02 for Windows.

Opera 6.02 is available as a free ad-sponsored version or users may register a copy for 39 USD. Those who have purchased a version of Opera 6.x or Opera 5.x are entitled to a free upgrade.

Opera 6.02 for Windows can be downloaded for free.

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About Opera Software

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