Downloads of Opera browser already available

Opera offers the full Internet on Series 60 phones

Oslo, Norway – April 29, 2003

At the Symbian Exposium in London, UK, Opera Software ASA today announced that users of the Series 60 based smartphones, such as Nokia 3650, now can download the Opera for Symbian OS mobile browser with Small-Screen Rendering (SSR) to their phones.

“Series 60 Platform and Symbian OS utilize open standards and offer a compelling application development platform, thus they provide and excellent base for companies, such as Opera, to develop and offer advanced applications and services,” says Director Marketing Mika Saravirta, Nokia Mobile Software. “Consequently, users of Series 60 based smartphones will be able to choose services that will meet their individual needs and enhance the user experience of mobile devices.”

Opera’s Small-Screen Rendering technology has already created quite a stir among mobile phone manufacturers, as more and more users are expressing an interest in accessing the full Internet on their mobile phones. The key to the success is that unlike mobile Web solutions in the past that required Web developers to code pages intended for the mobile Web in a different language, such as WAP, Opera’s SSR technology simply takes a HTML Web page and reformats it to fit on a smaller screen, eliminating the need for horizontal scrolling.

“Our relationship with Opera goes back to 1999, and we are very pleased to see that Opera is presenting their HTML browser on the Series 60 Platform,” says EVP David Wood, Partnering, Symbian. “Opera provides Symbian OS licensees and operators with an exceptionally full-featured Web browser and the highest standards-support. I have been running Opera on my own personal mobile phone for several months: it is a truly useful and truly inspiring application.”

Opera’s Series 60 browser will provide benefits to both users and operators. With Symbian OS based Opera browser with SSR, users can access their favorite Internet content and services from their Series 60 and Symbian OS based mobile phones, while network operators can enjoy an increase in data traffic, ultimately leading to an increase in their average revenue per user.

“Opera for Symbian OS is the ideal solution for mobile phones, thanks to its impressive functionality, small size and modularity,” says CEO Jon S. von Tetzchner, Opera Software. “Opera claims few hardware resources, letting Opera to fit into different technical environments, providing mobile phone users with the full Internet experience.”


Download the Opera for Series 60 browser for the Nokia 3650 phone from or from Nokia’s developer site Opera intends to offer their browser also for future smartphones based on Series 60 Platform.


Nokia 3650 users can try the Opera for Series 60 browser for free for a trial period of 14 days. Users can purchase the browser for only EUR 19.95 for a limited time. (Regular price EUR 39)

The Opera browser with SSR was first introduced as a free upgrade on the Sony Ericsson P800 in February 2003. Sony Ericsson P800 owners can upgrade their phones for free by downloading the Opera browser from The Opera for Sony Ericsson P800 has received rave reviews from press and users alike. For articles, reviews and quotes, please see our smartphones page

Opera for your device

For more information about Opera’s SSR technology or to contact Opera Software ASA about including Opera on your device, please see our smartphones page

Standards support

Opera supports the latest standards including HTML 4.01, ECMA-262 2nd and 3rd ed., JavaScript 1.5, XHTML 1.0/1.1, XHTML Basic, XHTML MP, CSS 1 and 2, CSS MP, WML 1.3, WCSS, cHTML, HTTP 1.0 and 1.1, SSL 3/TLS 1.0 and Unicode (UTF-16).

About Symbian

Symbian is a software licensing company which develops and licenses Symbian OS , the global open industry standard operating system for advanced, data-enabled mobile phones.

Symbian has licensed Symbian OS to the world’s leading mobile phone manufacturers including Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, Siemens and Sony Ericsson. Publicly announced products based on Symbian OSinclude the BenQ P30, Samsung SGH-D700, Siemens SX-1, NTT DoCoMo FOMA F2051 built by Fujitsu, Sony Ericsson P800 Smartphone, Nokia 9200 Communicator range as well as the 7650, 3650 and N-Gage.

Symbian has its global headquarters in London, United Kingdom with development sites in Europe and Asia. Symbian’s shareholders are Ericsson, Panasonic, Motorola, Nokia, Psion, Samsung, Siemens and Sony Ericsson. For further information about Symbian, please see



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