Opera kick-starts the mobile Internet revolution

Nokia 7650/3650 Owners Rushing to Opera’s Phone Browser

Oslo, Norway – April 30, 2003

Opera Software ASA yesterday made available its smartphone browser to owners of the Nokia 7650 and Nokia 3650, based on the Series 60 Platform. For the first time, owners of these phones can now access the full Web from their smartphones. The release was met by a rush of visitors to www.opera.com, and Opera’s Series 60 browser has already surpassed its Mac OS counterpart in popularity.

Opera’s breakthrough Small-Screen Rendering (SSR) technology has made the full Web available on smaller smartphones for the first time. Before Opera introduced SSR, phone users were restricted to use stripped-down WAP browsers based on XHTML for which there is not much content available. SSR massages Web pages to fit on a smaller screen, eliminating horizontal scrolling, making the full Web useful on small screens.

“This is just the beginning of the mobile Web revolution,” says Jon S. von Tetzchner, CEO, Opera Software. “With over 2 million sold of Nokia’s 7650, and millions more to be sold of the Nokia 3650 the potential is enormous for Opera. We are offering a unique product, and the attention it has received from users show that we now have truly started the era of the mobile Internet.”

The Opera browser with SSR was first introduced as a free upgrade on the Sony Ericsson P800 in February 2003. Sony Ericsson P800 owners can upgrade their phones for free by downloading the Opera browser from www.sonyericsson.com. The Opera for Sony Ericsson P800 has received rave reviews from press and users alike. For articles, reviews and quotes, please see our smartphones page.


Download the Opera for Series 60 browser for the Nokia 3650 phone from our download pages. Opera intends to offer their browser also for future smartphones based on Series 60 Platform.


Nokia 3650 users can try the Opera for Series 60 browser for free for a trial period of 14 days. Users can purchase the browser for only EUR 19.95 for a limited time. (Regular price EUR 39)

Opera for your device

For more information about Opera’s SSR technology or to contact Opera Software ASA about including Opera on your device, please see our smartphones page