Opera announces strategic licensing agreement with Adobe

Oslo, Norway – September 30, 2003

Opera Software today announced that it has reached a licensing agreement with Adobe Systems Incorporated to include Opera’s rendering engine in future Adobe product releases, for the Macintosh and Windows operating systems.

Opera’s cross-platform, (W3C) standards-compliant rendering engine with built-in Small-Screen Rendering (SSR) technology can save users the hassle of testing their Web pages for different browsers, devices or screen sizes.

“The discipline of graphic design is evolving, and traditional practitioners are asking for rich typographic capabilities within Web and mobile design. As a result, firms are moving their brand experience to pure CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) designed content,” said George Arriola, senior product manager for Adobe GoLive. “Adobe realizes and embraces this crucial design requirement by partnering with and licensing leading technology from Opera Software ASA.”

Opera Software is the leading browser in the market for mobile browser technology, and Adobe joins the ranks of key industry players such as IBM, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Symbian, Macromedia, Sharp, and Kyocera, who also have chosen Opera’s browser solutions for their products.

“We are very happy that Adobe has chosen Opera’s rendering engine to complement its design products,” says Jon S. von Tetzchner, CEO, Opera Software. “The landscape of the Web is changing fast, and we believe it is key for application providers to offer their users the ability to design standards-compliant Web pages that will work on a variety of devices and platforms. With Opera’s rendering engine, application providers can be sure that they have the most robust browser engine for the job.”

Opera’s rendering engine is based on the same core code as all of Opera’s other browser versions, which has been thoroughly tested by millions of users for more than seven years. Impatient Web developers can already now download the latest version of Opera to test their pages. Ensuring that Web pages will look great independent of the browser or device that is accessing, is easy: Simply write standards-compliant code and test in Opera just like Opera users can do with a click in the near future.


Currently, content developers who would like to include Web browsing capability in their Mac OS applications can get the best Internet experience for their users by contacting Opera Software to include the Opera Rendering Engine in their products. Opera can be embedded from both Carbon and Cocoa for applications for the Mac OS, with aneasy-to-use API. For more information, please contact Opera via our business contact form.

Test in Opera

If you would like to test your pages, simply download the latest version of the Opera Web browser. Opera is currently available on as much as eight operating systems and in 35 different languages.

Small-Screen Rendering technology

Opera’s breakthrough Small-Screen Renderingâ„¢ (SSRâ„¢) technology intelligently reformats today’s Web sites to fit the screen width of mobile phones and PDAs.