Opera scores a grand slam

Opera 7.21 for Windows, Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris unleashed

Oslo, Norway – October 14, 2003

Opera Software today announced a grand slam release of Opera 7.21 for Windows, Linux (SPARC, Intel, PPC), FreeBSD (Intel), and Solaris (SPARC). Today’s release introduces a new and improved package of features.

Opera was the first browser to introduce a multiple document interface (MDI), making it possible to surf in several windows at once. Now Opera further advances this feature by introducing an “Undo” functionality. If users now close a window by mistake, it’s easy to recall by referring to the “Closed” window history list now added to the menu or using a keyboard shortcut, Ctrl+Alt+Z. Kiosk mode is reintroduced with Opera 7.21, as was previously implemented in Opera 6. Kiosk mode is a customizable browser setting to limit functionality, blocking menus, preventing downloads, or adjusting other system preferences. Opera’s kiosk mode is the most secure way to restrict access appropriate for computer labs, libraries and other kiosk providers.

Fast releases on major platforms are made possible by Opera’s unique browser development process. The browser is no longer made for one platform and then ported to others. Rather the whole development process is now independent of platform from the beginning. All feedback and fixes are made in Opera’s platform independent core, then made available to the rest of Opera’s platforms based on the adaptation needed for the specific platforms. As a result, the Linux version can now be released along with the Windows version.

All platforms benefit from this improved development process. At the same time, the popularity of Opera’s desktop versions also guarantee that products such as Opera’s Smartphone browser can access Web sites all over the Web, thanks to the millions of users of Opera’s desktop versions who are constantly stress-testing the browser.

“At Opera we are totally committed to developing the very best browser possible. Browser-making is our only business, delivering the very best Internet experience possible is simply our bread and butter,” says Jon S. von Tetzchner, CEO, Opera Software. “Opera 7.21 proves again that we are up to this challenge.”

Opera 7.21 is available for download from Opera’s download pages.

Read the changelogs for today’s releases.


The browser is available free of charge with a sponsored advertising banner in the top-right corner of the user interface. New in Opera 7.21 is the option to display relevant information, text-based relevant ads, rather than just generic, graphical ads. The text ads are much less intrusive to Opera’s users. To remove the sponsor banner users can register their version for USD 39 or EUR 29. Various discounts apply. Registered users can freely access Opera’s Premium Support and enjoy six months of OperaMail Premium for free.