Opera goes to Asia: Kyocera First With the Next Generation of Browser-Centric Handsets

Oslo, Norway – Mar. 3, 2004

Opera Software today revealed the first result of its cooperation with Kyocera to the Chinese market.Lucent LU PS-900 and ZTE V91,which are designed and developed by Kyocera under an OEM contract, are the first handsets in the upcomingnew generation of browser-centric phones where access to the full Internet is the device’s key feature.These devices are designed from the ground up to allow for a great Internet experience, including ahigh-quality screen and an Opera-branded softkey that easily brings users online for Web surfing.

The delivery of Opera in the V91 and PS-900 features the latestin Opera’s browser development, Opera 7. This ensures the highest performance with added speed and themost advanced standards support available.

Operators have proved that full Internet browsing tremendously influences ARPU(Average Revenue Per User) and users are thrilled about getting online anywhere,anytime. Handsets are now appearing that are specially designed to accommodate thenew opportunities that Opera’s full HTML surfing can now bring mobile operatorsand device manufacturers by reformatting Web pages to fit on smaller screens.

“There is one basic reason why WAP has failed and that is because there is simply notenough content available for the end users. The users want content and they want thiseasily accessible,” says Lars Boilesen, executive vice president sales anddistribution. “Now they can get the full Internet content on their mobile and exactlyas easily accessible as on their PC. By continuously focusing on usability andinnovation, Opera signals to millions of people how the full Internet can be enjoyedto the max on small screens.”

Both the V91 and PS-900 run on Opera’s new port to the Itron operating system.The devices are currently on sale in China, and other Asian countries may soon follow.

To see pictures of the V91/PS-900, please visit www.opera.com/press/images/kyocera