Record TV from your mobile: Opera’s mobileIPG Offers True Converg…

Oslo, Norway – March 30, 2004

Opera Software today unveiled the ‘mobileIPG'(mobile Interactive Programming Guide). mobileIPG convergesOpera’s capabilities in the iTV and telecom markets by using Opera’ssupport for open Web standards. A mobile phone can now trigger the recording of aTV program on a satellite or Internet-enabled Personal Video Recorder(PVR). Using the mobileIPG, both mobile phone operatorsand Pay TV operators can empower users to carry the entire IPGin their pocket, scheduling their TV recording while on the move via a simpleone-touch interface. The application is cross-platform, with Opera runningon Linux-powered set-top boxes and Symbian OS-powered mobile phones.

Just like the browser for Internet content, Program Guides are becoming anecessary user interface in people’s homes. With the advent of digital TVand home networking, consumers’ homes are turning into digital hubs withtremendous choice of services. IPGs will empower users to utilize theseservices from an attractive, dynamic, and intuitive user interface,scheduling viewing on Internet connected devices. The PVR devices, whichuse a hard-disk drive instead of optical discs or magnetic tapes, arereplacing VHS and DVD technology in the home. According to In-Stat/MDR, amarket-research consultancy, over 11 million homes are predicted to havePVRs in 2005.*

“The mobileIPG means full freedom to see what you want when you want it.It takes just a few seconds to look up the program on the mobileIPG onyour handset, and then activate your recorder at home with just a click,”says Christen Krogh, VP Engineering, Opera Software ASA. “The mobileIPGconfirms that the future should belong to open, standards-basedtechnologies that can interoperate with other technology that areavailable today, and future-ready for tomorrow.”

The mobileIPG is a joint research effort that builds on Opera’s success inthe mobile phone market and its iTV product offering that can deliverenhanced iTV applications on resource-limited hardware that executes HTMLand JavaScript. Two German companies cooperated with Opera in the jointresearch effort: DiscVision GmbH and TVinfo Internet GmbH.

DiscVision have been the set-top box reference design and systemintegrator for the project

“By using open Web standards like HTML, CSS2, DOM, and JavaScript youachieve simple and cost-effective interoperability,” says Dr. ReinhardLüling, CTO, DiscVision. “It took only 3 days to integrate a full IPG,this normally takes many man years.”

Today’s announcement also opens up new business models. With consumersgetting 200+ channels into their homes, TV networks are experiencing arapid erosion of market share. The need to get content noticed is aconsequence of digitization and increased channel choice for televisionviewers. With the mobileIPG in place, networks can promote shows bysending targeted MMSes to viewer’s handsets. Opera’s other partner in theproject, TVinfo Internet, is an IPG data provider,

“Today’s announcement opens up new markets for IPG data,” says MichaelSchanz, CEO, TVinfo Internet. “We look forward to a bright future wheredevices can talk to each other using open Web standards”

The mobileIPG will be demonstrated at the Mediacast 2004 fair in London onMay 25-27. Interested parties wanting a demonstration at the show may setup an appointment with Opera’s iTV product line via email:

*Editor’s note: “Personal Video Recorders: Taking the Slow Road to aBright Future” In-Stat/MDR. Publication date: March 2003