New Opera 6.20 for Series 60: Opera Eases Mobile Surfing With Content Magic and “Tags”

Oslo, Norway – May 13, 2004

Opera Software today released its upgrade for Series 60 mobiles, Opera 6.20 for Series 60. Keeping with its tradition of driving Web browsing innovation, Opera also in this version introduces features that substantially improve the user experience when on the Web using a small device. Features like Content Magic and Tags will excite millions of users around the world and affirm Opera’s leadership in browsing innovation.

6.20 ushers in new features befitting the company that brought full Web surfing to small mobile devices through its SSR (Small-Screen Rendering) invention. In 6.20, Opera has enhanced the SSR-based user experience and added Content Magic and a tag functionality, simply called “Tags.” Content Magic improves upon Opera’s SSR invention. Most sites are not yet designed for mobile devices and have advertising, banners or menus that stack up on top when SSR reformats a page to fit the smaller screen width, forcing users to vertically scroll for a while before arriving at the pages’ main content. Content Magic eliminates this excessive scrolling. It identifies main content and jumps straight to that point upon loading a page. Tags allow users to select content wherever they want in a page, then immediately jump between the set tags. If users follow links within the site, the tags will be remembered when they return to the site’s front page.

Additional highlighted feature enhancements include the scroll and progress bars. A new vertical scroll bar, while small, clearly indicates where the user is viewing within the length of a page, also indicating any set tags. The progress bar has been redesigned to provide useful information on the status of page loading or transferring.

“The challenge with mobile browsing is acquiring the same ease in use and access as on desktop computers,” says Jon S. von Tetzchner, CEO, Opera Software. “Opera 6.20 is the prime example of how technology can successfully accomplish this and bring the Internet everywhere to everyone in an easy, comfortable manner.”

Opera’s previous browser for Series 60 has been the most popular application across the platform’s devices with over 200,000 downloads in its short 6-month lifetime. Opera for Series 60 has also been licensed by both Nokia and Sendo for pre-deployment on handsets.

Opera 6.20 is available for download with a free 14-day trial. The registration fee is available at a temporary 50% discount at USD 14.95/EU 11.95 through May 2004, current registered users may upgrade for free. For a complete tutorial, please