Opera to BREW in Asia: Opera Offers KDDI Full Internet Browser for BREW in Japan

Oslo, Norway – August 25, 2004

Opera Software today announced itwill deliver Opera’s port for the BREW (Binary Runtime Environmentfor Wireless) application development platform with KDDI, Japan’ssecond largest mobile operator.

KDDI has enjoyed tremendous success in the mobile services market, andhas surpassed NTT DoCoMo, a unit of Japan’s former phone monopoly, winningmore than three times as many subscribers to their 3G mobile service.

“Opera’s full Internet browser offers the greatest advantage with thehigh-speed and efficient data communication capabilities of the 3G CDMAnetwork,” says Dr. Seiichiro Sakai, Director, Product Management Department,”au” Service & Product Planning Division.

Opera has long espoused the philosophy of giving users access to thefull Internet with its abundance of content and possibilities forconvergence between devices.

“We are very excited to have KDDI onboard as an Opera partner. Bylistening closely to customer demand, KDDI is now leading the way in Japanwhen it comes to defining the future of telecom, with an emphasis on fastand user-friendly data services,” says Jon S. von Tetzchner, CEO, OperaSoftware. “With Opera, KDDI handsets get a browser that supports all theopen Web standards, combined with Opera’s inventiveness that develops anunrivalled browser user experience.”

BREW is a new port for Opera. Unveiled in 2001, BREW is Qualcomm’s opensource application development platform for wireless devices thatleverages the existing and emerging features provided by Qualcomm’s CDMA(Code Division Multiple Access) chipsets. BREW runs in between theapplication and the chip operating system software, providing a uniformplatform for phones from various manufacturers. BREW enables publishers,developers, operators and handset manufacturers to create and deliver newwireless data products and services with minimal resource and capitalinvestments. According to Qualcomm, there are currently over 31 millionBREW devices in the market, on 145 commercial BREW device models, backedby 33 commercial BREW operators and 27 commercial BREW devicemanufacturers.


Opera Software
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VP Marketing Communications
Tel: +47 99 72 43 31

KDDI Corporation
Hiroshi Ishihara
Public Relations Department