Opera tailors the Web for TV: TVR Displays the Full Internet in True Form on TV Screens

Oslo, Norway – September 9, 2004

In connection with the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) 2004, Opera Software today unveiled a new edition of its screen rendering technologies, this time tailored for the television. TV Rendering (TVR) makes the necessary adjustments to perfectly display any Web page on any TV screen, opening up for a great Internet experience on TV sets for the first time.

With Web pages being designed for viewing on high-resolution desktopcomputer monitors, TV screens with their low resolution and varying screensizes have not been able to emulate a satisfactory Internet experience.Today’s release of TVR for the first time introduces users of broadbandenabled set-top boxes (STB), or other iTV related hardware, to the potential of full Internet browsing that is as true and content-rich as experienced with desktop computers. TVR focuses on pixelation and problematic colors, adapting different elements individually to suit the TV screen. Original fonts, colors, design, and style are left virtually untouched.

“With TVR, the broadcasting industry can finally incorporate the full Webinto TVs and set-top boxes,” says Jon S. von Tetzchner, CEO, Opera Software ASA. “Full Web access on TVs will soon be a requirement from consumers. After all, if you would go to a store today and choose between a TV set that offered Web and TV or one that just had TV, which one would you choose? With TVR, the Internet is ready to transform the broadcasting industry.”

Opera’s partner, Equator Technologies, a leading provider of high-performance, programmable and power-efficient system-on-a-chip (SoC), processors for networked video entertainment and communications, is ready to deliver to TVR with their winning StarFish, Tetra and Dolphin hardware platforms.

“The ability to combine TV broadcasting with Internet content opens up analmost unimaginable array of new great features for the old screen,” saysJohn O’Donnell, CTO, Equator Technologies. “TVR makes it possible tocomfortably surf the Web from the comfort of your sofa, removing the need for many to have a separate work-like computer at home. The technology to make TV’s into complete home entertainment and information devices at a reasonable price is now available, now it’s just up to operators to provide it to their users.”