3G mobile Web browsing: Opera as Default Full Web Browser on KDDI’s New BREW-based Cas…

Oslo, Norway and Tokyo, Japan – October 13, 2004

Opera Software and KDDI todayannounced that the Opera Web browser will be provided on the BREW (Binary RuntimeEnvironment for Wireless) based Casio W21CA mobile phone for the Japanese market.This is the first Opera Web browser phone launched by KDDI and Opera since theannouncement of their partnership in August. The phone will be distributed for KDDI’s3G CDMA network in Japan, making Opera the first full Web browser deployed in theJapanese 3G CDMA network.

KDDI is the second largest mobile operator in Japan with over 6 million BREW phonesshipped as of the end of September 2004. KDDI is now ready to provide next generationservices and has chosen Opera to fulfill the promise of 3G capabilities.

“With a market eager to experience evolved mobile communications, a crucial part ofthat experience will be how impressively users can browse the Internet and how richWeb content will be. Opera is the ideal mobile Web application to browse the full Webbecause of its speed, usability, and unique SSR (Small-Screen Rendering) technology,”says Mr. Toshio Maki, Vice President & General Manager, “au” Service & ProductPlanning Division, “au” Business Sector, KDDI. “Opera is the best browser to utilizethe high-speed access capabilities of the 3G CDMA network, making the Casio W21CA atruly powerful and versatile 3G mobile phone.”

In August, Opera announced it had delivered its port for the BREW applicationdevelopment platform with KDDI to service full Web browsing on KDDI’s 3G CDMAnetwork. Both companies have made it their top priority to provide a 3G device to thewaiting market. The Casio W21CA is the first phone deployed of this convergence.

“We are very excited to now launch our first phone together with KDDI for their own3G CDMA network,” says Jon S. von Tetzchner, CEO, Opera Software. “KDDI is creativelyspearheading the telecom development in Japan with a focus on the end-userexperience. With Opera, KDDI subscribers get a powerful and user-friendly browserthat enables them to surf the full Internet fast and efficiently on their mobilephones.”