Number One in China: Red Flag Offers Opera to Chinese Users

Beijing, China and Oslo, Norway – Nov. 24, 2004

Red Flag Software, the leading supplier of Linux operating systems and applications in China, and Opera Software today announced that the new edition of the Red Flag Desktop operating system (OS) will offer the Opera browser to their users in China.


Red Flag is the Linux software solutions provider to the Chinese government, and one of the leading players on the Chinese Linux market for a wide range of industries – from telecom and education to transportation and logistics. With rapidly evolving market demands, Red Flag is adapting its offering to include Opera for users to choose a better Internet experience.


“The fast Opera browser is an ideal fit to our Linux software solutions, and we are excited to present this powerful alternative to our customers,” says Zhao XiaoLiang, CEO, Red Flag Software. “Our ability to deliver cutting-edge Linux solutions and first-class technical support is why we are the trusted Linux provider to millions of people. It is crucial that the Web browser we offer as part of our software solutions will live up to our high standards and satisfy the high expectations of our users. That is why we are pleased to offer Opera with the new edition of our Linux desktop OS.”


“With Opera on board, Red Flag is presenting a powerful Linux alternative to Windows,” says Jon S. von Tetzchner, CEO, Opera Software. “We are confident that Red Flag’s Linux users will be impressed with their Opera experience, and we look forward to developing an even closer relationship with Red Flag in the future.”


Red Flag’s Linux solution with Opera can be freely downloaded from the Red Flag Web site. For details and download links, please visit


About Red Flag Software

Founded in 2000, Red Flag Software develops and promotes Linux-based operating systems and applications for desktop, servers, high performance computing OSs, security OSs and embedded systems. They also offer comprehensive IT solutions and professional technical support.


Red Flag Linux has been widely deployed in the construction of both E-Government and enterprise IT infrastructure. Their business covers national and local government, finance, energy, education, transportation, post, telecom, media, lottery, as well as many government branches and industries related to national security.


Headquartered in Bejing, China, Red Flag Software has strategic alliances with companies such as IBM, Intel, HP, Oracle, BEA, Lenovo,Founder, Langchao, Dawning, Tongfang and TCL. Learn more at