Opera completes portable video player: Bringing The New ARCHOS Pocket Media Assistant PMA400 Into the Wireless Realm

Oslo, Norway Jan. 11, 2005

Opera Software today announced that the Opera browser will be included on ARCHOS’ new WiFi enabled Pocket Media Assistant PMA400. The PMA400 will be the first portable video player to include full Internet access with the fast Opera browser and its unique rendering technology for all screen sizes.


The Pocket Media Assistant is the first Linux©-based 30GB portable video player and recorder, which allows consumers to record directly from the TV, listen to music, browse the Internet and stay connected, for entertainment or productivity anytime, anywhere. With integration of the Opera browser, users can enjoy full Internet access while on the move, making the PMA400 the most versatile portable video player and recorder on the market.


“Adding WiFi and full Internet access with the Opera browser to our portable media assistants ensures consumers will have the best of both the entertainment and productivity worlds in their pockets, we are leaving single purpose MP3-type media players behind in yesterday’s mist,” says Henri Crohas, ARCHOS CEO. “By integrating Opera we are creating an entirely new category of multipurpose media devices at a time when others are just entering the category. The PMA400 caters to everyone looking for entertainment, communication, and information in one portable device.”


“Opera’s vision is to give people access to their favorite Web sites no matter where they are or what device they are using,” says Jon S. von Tetzchner, CEO, Opera Software. “With its speed, small size, and unique rendering technology for all screens, Opera is the ultimate browser for mobile devices, and we’re happy to be part of Archos’ new and exciting development.”


About the Pocket Media Assistant PMA400

The PMA400 continues the ARCHOS tradition of letting consumers record video directly from a TV, VCR, cable box or satellite receiver, schedule recordings, record and play music, view photos and play games in multiple ways. It also features several ways to connect to the Internet – wirelessly or via Ethernet-personal information manager applications, an LCD touch screen for fast and easy navigation, a 30 gigabyte Hitachi hard drive, and the ability to act as a USB Host for attaching other mass storage peripherals, such as digital cameras, keyboards, hard drives and other portable devices. The new Linux platform allows for customized applications to be specifically developed for the PMA400. The PMA400 will start shipping in January 2005, and will be available at major retailers and on the ARCHOS web site at www.archos.com.


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