Powered by Opera: Opera Integrated with Adobe Creative Suite 2

Oslo, Norway – April 04, 2005

Opera Software today announced that theOpera browser is now integrated in Adobe© Creative Suite 2. This completedesign and publishing environment will use Opera as the engine for themajority of content manipulation, powering Adobe GoLive© CS 2, AdobePhotoshop© CS 2, and other components of Adobe Creative Suite 2. Opera hasleveraged its cross-platform performance to join Adobe in helpingdevelopers create optimal Web pages for both desktop computers and mobiledevices.


Today’s announcement is the result of the two companies’ ongoing jointeffort and commitment to provide superior Web authoring tools.

Using the Adobe Creative Suite 2 with Opera, Web designers have theability to view how Web page content will look on a small screen. Opera’sacclaimed Small-Screen Rendering (SSR) technology reformats Web pages tofit the screen of mobile phones, eliminating horizontal scrolling. Webdevelopers can now design their sites to be optimally viewed on anydevice, regardless of the screen size.

“Adobe Creative Suite 2 is a complete design environment that acceleratespublishing workflows for print, the Web, and mobile platforms,” said JohnBrennan, senior vice president of Creative Professional products at Adobe.”The advanced rendering technologies and open standards provided byOpera’s advanced Web browser ensure that designers using Adobe CreativeSuite 2 can create and realize their best work, for output online or tothe latest handheld devices.”

“We applaud Adobe for its foresight in meeting emerging industry trends,”says Jon S. von Tetzchner, CEO, Opera Software. “A modern browser can beused for more than browsing. Adobe takes full advantage of Opera’shigh-performance, standards-compliant rendering engine.”

More information about Adobe Creative Suite 2 is available at www.adobe.com