Opera expands full Web browsing in Japan: The Opera browser now on Casio’s W31CA from KDDI

Oslo, Norway – July 29, 2005

Opera Software today announced that the Opera browser will be shipped on the new Casio W31CA from KDDI, Japan’s largest 3G operator. The Casio W31CA is a multi-functional 3G phone with a large 2.6 inch QVGA display, a 3.2 megapixel camera and full Internet and E-mail capabilities. Opera is currently offered on four KDDI handsets, with more to come.

Opera recognizes the growing interest in full Internet access on mobile devices and see the Opera browser becoming the primary application to deliver compelling services and Web content to 3G subscribers worldwide.

“Japan has approximately 30 million 3G subscribers, comprising the most advanced mobile market in the world, and Opera is increasingly the browser of choice for Japanese operators and handset manufacturers,” says Jon von Tetzchner, CEO, Opera Software. “As Japan is a leading player that sets the standard for advances in mobile technology, KDDI’s choice of Opera is a testament to Opera’s role as a key provider of full Internet to 3G devices.”

“As we continue to deliver more 3G phones, we recognize Opera as the primary application for delivering compelling content to our devices,” says Mr. Seiichiro Sakai, Ph.D, Director Product Management Department, “au” Service & Product Planning Division, “au” Business Sector, KDDI. “Opera’s full Web browser with its unique Small-Screen Rendering (SSR) technology provide an unparalleled Web experience for our users, and a solid earning potential for KDDI, in regard to increased data traffic and ARPU.”

Opera signed an agreement with KDDI in August 2004 to deliver the Opera Web browser on KDDI’s 3G network in Japan. The successful Casio W21CA, released in December 2004, was the first KDDI phone to be shipped with Opera, making Opera the first full Internet browser active on the Japanese 3G network. KDDI has chosen Opera to fulfill the promise of 3G capabilities.

The Casio W31CA with Opera will be available in Japan on July 29, 2005


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Tatsuki Tomita

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