T-Mobile teams with Opera on SDA II Smartphone: Opera’s first commercial deployment to Windows Mobile OS

Oslo, Norway – September 2, 2005

Opera Software, global leader in Web browser technologies, and T-Mobile agreed on equipping the new T-Mobile SDA II Windows Mobile Smartphone with the Opera browser as part of T-Mobile’s “Web’n’Walk” offering. The SDA II is the first commercial deployment of the Opera browser for the Windows Mobile 2003 Smartphone platform, following its public release on June 30, 2005.


“This release is remarkable because it is a testament to the superior speed and quality of Opera,” says Jon S. von Tetzchner, CEO, Opera Software. “T-Mobile has chosen Opera on several phones to fulfill the promise of their Web’n’Walk offering, and we are happy to bring the unparalleled Opera Web experience to T-Mobile’s customers.”


T-Mobile’s SDA II sports a large (320×240 pixels) QVGA display and comes fully loaded with all the typical Windows Mobile applications such as e-mailing, Mobile Office and a media player in addition to the Opera Web browser.


Opera 8 for Windows Mobile offers Smartphone users more speed, smooth usability and rich content display as they access the full Internet, creating a Web experience unlike any other available for these devices. The browser supports all major Web standards, including CSS2, DOM 2 and JavaScript. Based on Opera’s new core code, Opera 8 for Windows Mobile also includes the latest version of Opera’s unique Small-Screen Renderingâ„¢ which dynamically reformats Web pages to fit the width of any screen, eliminating the need for horizontal scrolling.


Web’n’Walk is an initiative to grow data services into a mass market by giving people unrestricted access to the full Internet and Web-based services on their mobile phones. T-Mobile has chosen the Opera browser to fulfill the promise of full Web access on several handsets.

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