Opera Software Releases Browsers in Hindi and Punjabi: Only Current Browser Supporting Both Languages

Oslo, Norway – October 17, 2005

Opera Software today announced the availabilityof its browser in both Hindi and Punjabi.The browser is available for Windows and Linux.It can be downloaded from Opera’s download page.


“The Web must become more accessible to people wherever they live andwhatever language they speak,” said Jon S. von Tetzchner, CEO, OperaSoftware. “Browser companies bear responsibility for allowing all peopleto access this amazing resource. Barriers such as language make theInternet less of a global resource than it could be. Opera is taking thisstep towards removing those barriers.”


Worldwide, more than 700 million people speak Hindi and more than 100million speak Punjabi. Opera is the only browser company whose latestversion is available in both languages, providing substantial speed,usability and security upgrades.

About the Opera Browser

Already regarded as the world’s fastest, most secure browser, Opera speeds up your Web browsing with these innovative features:

  • Navigate quickly using intuitive mouse gestures and browser tabs
  • Start from where your last browsing session ended or save your entire session
  • Access downloaded files quickly with the transfer manager
  • Protect against identity theft and phishing with integrated security features
  • Shop Amazon, browse Ebay, and search the Web with Google right from the address bar
  • Set reminders for Web pages you visit with the notes feature