Blog while you jog: People run to new My Opera Community

Oslo, Norway – October 19, 2005

Opera Software today invites everyone onthe Web to experience the new My Opera Community.The new site extends the reach of today’s social Web by allowing membersto blog and upload photos directly from their mobile phones. As the worldleader in mobile browsing technologies, Opera designed the site to givethe same user experience when viewed on large or small screens.


Since its silent introduction one month ago, an average of 1000 newmembers have joined each day. Most have joined on word-of-mouth alone. TheMy Opera Community has a complete offering of multiple services in oneplace – free of charge. Everyone receives 300 MB of space, and can use itto create a personal blog, photo albums, a private group and much more.Inspiration strikes at the gym? Simply send an MMS and update your blogand photo album while pumping iron.


“I’ve been a blogger since it was still called a Weblog. The new My Operais a big step up because of its easy to use social networking tools,” saidDan Yurman, an Opera community member from Idaho Falls, ID. “On theInternet I have a choice of a lot of blogging sites. Since I’m already anOpera user, it makes sense to go with the best.”

The My Opera Community is easy for anyone to use. Just a sample of the advanced features:

  • Photo Album – Keep your photos private, share with your friends or the entire world
  • Blogs – Post to your blog with an email, from your mobile phone or directly from your PC
  • Create a group – Form your own group, create your own private forums and share your photos and blogs with each other
  • Newsfeeds – Display dynamic news feeds to keep up-to-date on your friends’ blogs or get the latest news
  • Publish from your mobile phone – Send an MMS and instantly post to your blog or add an image to your photo album
  • 300 MB of free space – There’s no catch, it’s free to everyone
  • Customize your Opera browser – Download skins, set-ups and language files
  • Forums – Join a thriving and lively community on the forums
  • And much more – The My Opera Community puts you in control

To ensure members have the best possible experience with the new My OperaCommunity, Opera’s new community manager oversees the daily operation ofthe site, adds new features and ensures the My Opera Community exceedsexpectations. His name is Brian Johnson.


“This is probably the coolest job I’ve ever had,” said Johnson. “I can’tbelieve they pay me for it. I work hard to makethe Community a place members enjoy and I’m also the voice of theCommunity inside Opera. I take those two responsibilitiesseriously.”