Surf the Web on virtually any mobile phone: Opera Software announces worldwide release of Opera Mini

Oslo, Norway – January 24, 2006


Opera Software today announced the worldwide release of Opera Mini, the full Web browser that runs on almost every mobile phone, including low- and mid-end handsets. Today’s global launch follows the trials of Opera Mini in the Nordics and in Germany during the fall of 2005, which resulted in a user base of over one million people. Opera Mini is available free of charge via WAP download, or for a small fee via SMS.

Go to for more information and download instructions.

“With Opera Mini most people can start surfing the Web with the mobile phone they have today,” says Jon S. von Tetzchner, CEO, Opera Software. “We are proud to be the first to offer full, mobile Web browsing to the majority of the world’s mobile phone users.”

Installing Opera Mini is as simple as downloading a ringtone or a game. You simply send an SMS or direct your phone’s WAP browser to Mini compresses Web pages by up to 80% and reformats them using Small-Screen Rendering(TM) for easy and fast browsing on small, mobile screens. For the end-user, this means faster browsing and dramatically reduced phone bills for those who pay per KB in data traffic.

Opera Mini’s start page features a Google search box for quick access to Web search. And the customizable bookmark list makes it easy to save and surf your favorite sites.

The first trial of Opera Mini was launched in Norway in August 2005, and Michael Gartenberg, VP & Research Director of Jupiter Research, called the little,but powerful, browser “a really big breakthrough for the mobile space.” Opera now also offers customized versions of Opera Mini to mobile phone operators,handset manufacturers and other companies interested in offering a branded, full mobile Web browser to their customers.


Opera Mini is available as a free download by directing the phone’s WAP browser to It can also be downloaded for a small fee via SMS download. Opera Mini requires that the phone supports Java.

Opera Mini is available in the following languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Russian, Polish, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish. More languages will be available shortly.