Make calls with Opera Mobile and Opera Mini: JAJAH’s Web-activated telephony solution optimized for Opera’s browsers

Oslo, Norway – April 6, 2006


Opera Software today announced a partnership with JAJAH, one of the world’s fastest growing VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) companies, with the intent to optimize the JAJAH Web telephony solution for Opera’s browsers. JAJAH’s services will be available through Opera Mobileâ„¢ and Opera Miniâ„¢, and JAJAH will also be offering a customized version of Opera Miniâ„¢ from their Web site. The solution is expected to be available in the second quarter of 2006, and will also be included as a widget in the upcoming Opera 9 desktop browser.


“JAJAH is a Web-based telephony service, and Opera’s mission is to enable people to access the same sites and services regardless of the device they are using,” says Jon S. von Tetzchner, CEO, Opera Software. “Using JAJAH’s Web telephony service with Opera Mobile and Opera Mini is a great example of how Opera’s versatile browser technology can be used as an execution environment for advanced mobile applications.”




JAJAH is an innovative and simple way to make cheap calls using the Internet-without headphones, microphones or software downloads. JAJAH connects users phone-to-phone, landline or mobile, local or anywhere else in the world. An Internet connection is only necessary to initiate the call. JAJAH is the latest brainchild of founders Daniel Mattes and Roman Scharf. Inspired by the ideas of F. Jajah. Watamba, the two VoIP communication pioneers decided to realize their vision of a proprietary application that would cross existing communication borders. Simple and cost-effective: JAJAH opens up the benefits of VoIP to all Internet users-regardless of whether they have broadband or dial-up! JAJAH is based in Menlo Park, CA with a European office in Luxembourg. Its board of directors includes Instant Messaging pioneer Yair Goldfinger and Haim Sadger of Sequoia Capital.




Eskil Sivertsen
PR Manager, Mobile
Opera Software
Tel: +47 2416 4213