Opera browser for better business: Service sites supply Opera Mini to expand market reach

Oslo, Norway and Las Vegas, NV – April 5, 2006


Opera Software today announced online communities, Buzznet and Tribe, have partnered with Opera to distribute Opera Mini through their Web sites and otherchannels to enhance the availability of their online services. Thecompanies now progressing Opera Mini’s growing uptake, are set to offerusers direct access to existing Web site services via their mobilephones through Opera Mini.

With companies pushing their services into the mobile space, Opera Miniimmediately adapts and delivers the available PC Web experience to amobile device. Opera Mini is Opera’s compressed mobile Web browser ableto render real Web pages and available for nearly every mobile phone inuse today. Users can visit the same Web sites they can browse from theirdesktop and in the same way, using Web address formats they are alreadyaccustomed to. As Opera Mini is based on Opera’s core technology, it istried and tested and has everything users would expect from a browserincluding search, bookmarks and history. By offering Opera Mini directlyto their members, online communities ensure optimal browsing andfunctionality of their online content.

“We’re thrilled to distribute Opera Mini to extend our community contentand experience from the Web to a broad array of mobile devices,” saysMarc Brown, president and co-founder of Buzznet. “Our popular photo andblog content from members and events such as the 2006 Coachella ValleyMusic Festival will be one-click away for Opera Mini users. With theimmediacy of picture snapping and sharing or just being able toinstantly post ideas while on-the-go and in the moment, Opera Mini canhelp make Buzznet.com become even more dynamic and live.”

“We want Tribe members to be able to connect to their discussion forumsand friend networks wherever they are,” says Darian Patchin, VP ofAdvertising at Tribe.Net. “Our members are busy people who want accessto their friends’ ideas and opinions when they are on the go. SupplyingOpera Mini is a quick and easy enhancement of our service availabilityand will allow our members to get access to valuable content wheneverand wherever.”

Opera Mini launched globally in January 2006. It has since been on afast track to market acceptance with over 2 million people having usedthe browser and operator partners, T-Mobile, debitel and GrameenPhone,supplying Opera Mini for select carried handsets. Additionally, setviceproviders PriceRunner, HT Telecom, Small Planet and UnwirePark, havealso signed distribution agreements to provide their users with mobileaccess to their online services.

“We expect Opera Mini to play a role in mobilizing consumer behavior,”says Jon von Tetzchner. “With its simple availability, virtually anyonewith a mobile phone can now run their online activities without a WiFiconnection. Opera Mini allows online businesses to offer their existingservices to mobile users, expanding their reach to a growing market andretaining customer loyalty in the mobile space.”


Opera Mini can be downloaded for free at http://mini.opera.com/.Customized versions are offered to operators, handset manufacturers andcontent providers that want to offer a full, branded Web browser totheir customers.

About Buzznet

Los Angeles-based Buzznet Inc. creates and maintains Buzznet.com, avibrant web and mobile social community experience based on multimediacontent. Buzznet works closely with entertainment, publishing and mediacompanies to provide powerful online communities of user-generatedcontent. Founded in 2004, the company was created by Marc Brown, AnthonyBatt and Steve Haldane, experts in software development, design andmanagement of major content distribution networks. For more informationvisit Buzznet Inc. online at http://www.buzznet-inc.com.

About Tribe

Tribe is a locally-driven Web site enabling consumers toconnect with people about what to do, where to go, places to live, jobsand services in their respective cities. Tribe’s online community hostsmember-generated content in the form of discussion groups, reviews,events, and classifieds and photos. Founded in 2003, Tribe uses patentedtechnology to connect hundreds of thousands of people across the U.S.,Canada and Europe. The site is set up based on city/region and membernetworks based on friend relationships, affinity groups, and geography.


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