Omnitel delivers the Opera Mini browser for mobile phones to Lithuanian users

Oslo, Norway – August 8, 2006


Omnitel, the largest mobiletelecommunications company in the Baltic countries, is first to launchthe Opera Mini Web browser for mobile phones in Lithuania. The popularOpera Mini browser, made by Opera Software, is widely used worldwide andensures fast and convenient Internet browsing on mobile phones. Now, allOmnitel and Omnitel Extra users can browse their favourite Internetpages directly on their phones.”Until now it was only possible to browse limited Internet contentthrough a mobile phone’s WAP browser, unless you owned an advancedphone. Opera Mini not only gives users the full Internet on nearly anytype of phone, but it also adapts Web pages for viewing on the smallscreen using Opera’s Small Screen Rendering (SSR) technology. Byoffering this browser to our customers, we give them with an easy andconvenient way to access any web page,” Giedrius Makauskas, Omnitel‘sMarketing Director said.

Users can download the Opera Mini browser by going to the Omni SurfPortmobile Internet portal (at the address with their phone’s WAPbrowser. Soon, Omnitel users will receive an SMS message with a link todownload the programme. In the near future, Omnitel plans to simplypre-install the Opera Mini browser on mobile phones.

Opera Mini comes in the Lithuanian language and includes several usefulbookmarks for foreign Internet portals such as the BBC and Google, aswell as Lithuanian. Opera Mini is free, and users only pay fortransferred data. To use Opera Mini, a compliant, Java-enabled mobilephone is required.

“Omnitel continues to build its leadership in the Lithuanian market bygiving its users access to all their favorite Web sites from theirmobile phones,” says Roger Carlhammar, EVP, Opera Software. “This is allabout giving people the information they need while on the go, andmaking mobile phones an even more useful part of customers’ everydaylives.”

According to the latest public data from the Communications RegulatoryAuthority, Omnitel commands 51 percent of the mobile communicationsmarket in terms of income received. Omnitel also leads the mobileInternet market with 52 percent market share. As a provider of ,relevant and easy to use services, Omnitel continues to focus on thedevelopment of the mobile Internet.

About Omnitel

Omnitel, the largest mobile telecommunications company in the Balticcountries is the member of the TeliaSonera group. It creates andprovides reliable, innovative and easy to use telecommunicationsservices for carrying and packaging of voice, images, data, information,transactions and entertainment.According to the most recent publicly available data from theCommunications Regulatory Authority, the telecommunications companyOmnitel is the absolute leader in the Lithuanian telecommunicationsmarket. Omnitel controls more than half of the mobile communicationsrevenue (51 percent) and mobile internet (52 percent) market. Omnitel’sservices are used by 2 million customers.

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Omnitel‘s Public Relations Group Manager
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PR Manager, Mobile, Opera Software
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