Nintendo DS Browser launches across Europe today

Oslo, Norway – October 6, 2006

Opera Software today announced that the Nintendo DSBrowser powered by Opera is now available in Europe. Packaged just like a Nintendo DSgame cartridge, the Nintendo DS Browser is sold at an estimated retail price of€39.99 in all major games retailers. The Nintendo DS Browser is available as astandard DS cartridge and comes in two versions. One version is for the classicNintendo DS and a smaller version is available to fit the slimmed down Nintendo DSLite.

Opera’s browser for Nintendo DS is a customized Web experience that utilizes bothscreens for surfing as well as the unique touch capabilities of the popular gamingdevice. European users of the Nintendo DS browser can access all their favorite Websites from Wi-Fi environments at home, at one of Nintendo’s free Wi-Fi ConnectionHotspots* and public access Hotspots.

Opera offers two rendering modes for surfing from the Nintendo DS. For a fastersurfing experience, Opera recommends fit-to-width mode, a mode made popular byOpera’s browser for mobile phones. This mode displays the entire contents of the pagein a single column that stretches between the two screens on the Nintendo DS. Bydisabling the images while in this mode, browsing speed can be improved even more.

Users can also choose surf in DS mode, in which an overview of the Web page isdisplayed on the lower screen and a colored thumbnail can be moved around an area ofthe page. The area you have selected is magnified and shown on the upper screen.

“Opera’s browser for Nintendo DS is about convenience. By putting the Web on thissmall, portable gaming device, we are giving users the convenience of the Webwherever they go,” says Scott Hedrick, Executive Vice President, Opera Software.”Whether you’re at the library and want to check your e-mail or in an airport andwant to read the newspaper, the Nintendo DS Browser is there to make your life easierby giving you the full Internet when you want it.”

Laurent Fischer, Marketing Director for Nintendo Europe commented, “Since Nintendolaunched it’s simple, safe and free Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Service in November2005, over two million people around the world have linked together to play NintendoDS games. The next logical step for us was to enable people to browse the internetfrom their Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS Lite. With a proven track record Opera wasthe obvious choice for us to work with to develop a browsing experience to takeadvantage of the Nintendo DS’s unique features.”

* For more information about Opera for Nintendo products,

For further information on Nintendo’s Wi-Fi Connection service and to find thenearest free Nintendo Wi-Fi Hotspot, please visit