Making the Web sing on Net TV: Opera for Devices participates in the Networked Digital Television Consortium

Oslo, Norway and Tokyo, Japan – April 4, 2007

Opera Software today announced that the Opera 9 browser for devices supports the NetTVSpecifications created by Networked Digital Television Consortiumbased in Japan. Opera has participated in theNetworked Television Consortium for approximately one year and hascompleted the browser portion of the NetTV Specifications. As a result,Opera now meets all the requirements for deployment in Japan’s digital TVmarket.

The Networked Digital Television Consortium is a group established tocreate and publish digital TV industry specifications. As of January 2007,this consortium consisted of 71 companies, including founding companiesSharp, Sony, Toshiba, Hitachi and Matsushita. Opera Software will aid theeffort of the NetTV Consortium by offering attractive network servicesthat are easy-to-use and beneficial on digital TVs.

“The requirements set by the NetTV Consortium are becoming the industrystandard in Japan and are based on open Web standards that Opera is aleader in supporting. By combining standards support with highperformance, unique rendering and navigation technologies, Opera ispowering the Web revolution on TV.” says Scott Hedrick, Executive VicePresident for Devices at Opera Software. “Opera looks forward to workingwith Japanese manufacturers, operators and the Networked DigitalTelevision Consortium to bring the best Web experience to millions ofJapanese consumers. We are also eager to collaborate with other browsercompanies and system integrators to continue to solidify the browserstandards set by the Digital Networked Television Consortium.”

Opera for digital TV enables users to access all their favorite Web sites,TV portals, Web applications, widgets and new services for TV. Operaalready supports “Actvila”, a popular portal site fordigital TV that is compatible with the Net TV Consortium’s specifications.Two of the innovative NetTVs from major manufacturers shown at CES wereOpera Powered.

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