The need for speed: Mobile Web pioneer Kyocera shifts gears again with latest handset

Oslo, Norway and Tokyo, Japan – August 28, 2007

When the leading, Japan-based manufacturer Kyocera introduces its latest handset shortly, it will hit the ground running. The Kyocera PHS WX320KR handset features Opera Mobile EX, a special version of the world’s leading mobile browser that is embedded with optimization technology from Bytemobile, Inc. to significantly speed up the Web browsing experience*. Beyond flying the Web, users will also be able to access services such as personal online storage, RSS feed reader, photo albums and sticky notes. The first models will start shipping in Japan on September 5, 2007, to customers of Willcom.

Opera Mobile EX, from Opera Software, is integrated with Bytemobile’s Unison optimization service, which transparently accelerates data traffic between the Internet and the mobile handset. Instead of reducing image quality or stripping away other graphic elements to speed up the surfing experience, Bytemobile’s technology uses data reduction, protocol acceleration and content caching to dynamically optimize the performance of both the browser and the server. This ensures that the two collaborate effectively to off-load the heavy processing required by most Web pages today from the browser to the server. As a result, Web page downloads are accelerated by up to 4x, and the data sent to the handset is tailored for the small screen.

“Kyocera is a true mobile Web pioneer in Asia. As early as in 2003, Opera Software first announced that Kyocera would integrate our full HTML Web browser on their handsets. Their goal back then was to offer real product differentiation with the Opera browser. Today, with the 6th Kyocera device featuring Opera, their goal remains the same: To introduce innovative, smart and truly useful products to a demanding consumer audience,” says Jon S. von Tetzchner, CEO, Opera Software.


The White and Mint-colored models of PHS WX320KR will start shipping in Japan on September 5, 2007. The Gray-colored model will start shipping at the end of September. The WX320KR is available to Willcom’s subscribers in Japan.

* Users are required to subscribe to separate service plan from Willcom to obtain the optimized data speeds.