VeriFone partners with Opera to bring multi-media capable browser technology to secure retail payments

Industry leading payment Security and Web Software Combine to EnhanceConsumer-Facing Payment Experience

Paris, France (Cartes, Stand #3 G 031) – November 13, 2007

VeriFone Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: PAY) today announced a strategicpartnership with Opera Software ASA to develop a secure payment-enabledversion of the Opera Web browser. The browser, being demonstrated for thefirst time here at Cartes, will operate on VeriFone’s MX800 Series ofconsumer-facing systems designed for multi-lane retailers, specialtystores, and point-of-service environments such as retail banking,ticketing, or kiosks.


The development agreement will enable developers to extend VeriFone’s MXSolutions family utilizing familiar Web-based tools to provide enhancedconsumer access to kiosk applications and to develop new more engaginginterfaces to existing payment applications.


Integrating Opera Web technology with VeriFone’s secure paymentsexpertise will further unleash the unique capabilities of the MX800platform and lead to creation of new, rich media user experiences onconsumer-facing systems, said Paul Rasori, VeriFone vice president ofglobal product marketing. This will also spur development of securepayment-enabled, value added applications such as self-service kiosks andhelp bridge the gap between online and bricks-and-mortar retail stores.


The Opera Web browser is a high-quality, multi-platform product designedutilizing open, international standards for a wide range of platforms,operating systems and embedded Internet products. VeriFone’s MX800 Seriessystems comprises three PCI PED-approved, secure multi-lane retail paymentsystems featuring the highest visual clarity in a durable, reliable andstylish form factor.


VeriFone’s vision for consumer-activated retail systems represents aperfect fit for Opera’s technology, said Scott Hedrick, senior vicepresident, Business Solutions, Opera Software. With VeriFone’s tremendousmarket presence, we expect this will be exemplary of how Opera is aflexible and powerful platform for any device.”


The MX800 Series leverages sophisticated technology and security features,and offers retailers a broad range of functions from basic debit andcredit payment acceptance to advanced capabilities such as electronicsignature capture, multimedia branding, contactless payment and smart cardacceptance.


The MX830 is a performance-oriented, durable and economicalconsumer-activated payment device with core features and optionaltouchscreen and signature capture. The MX850 provides a mid-range solutionfor customers who need a multi-lane payment powerhouse with colorgraphics, greater memory, and a standard capacitive glass touchscreen withoptional signature capture. The MX870 is the only large screen PCI PEDcompliant payment system and has won the vast majority of nationalcontracts for multi-lane payment systems in North America.


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