Your Web Everywhere: Opera Mini 4 hits the streets

Oslo, Norway – November 7, 2007

Opera, the only company that puts theWeb on any device, today released Opera Miniâ„¢ 4, the newest version ofOpera’s worldwide mobile browsing sensation. Opera Mini 4 inspires thesenses with its stunning desktop overview mode, so users see the pageexactly as it appears on their computers. People can then use the intuitive Opera Zoomâ„¢ to fly into the page and access the content they want. Or they can select Opera’s Small Screen Renderingâ„¢ to eliminatehorizontal scrolling.

Opera Mini 4 is a free download, over the air, to your phone

Opera Mini brings the full Web, your favorite Web sites and services, toalmost every mobile phone. Opera Mini also automatically reduces the sizeof the transferred pages, so Web sites load faster while reducing the costof surfing.

Opera Mini 4 supports Opera Link. Opera Link is a new platform forsynchronizing your online life across any device that runs an Operabrowser – or any browser that can access Opera’s social network,My Opera. Opera Link instantly and effortlessly synchronizesbookmarks and Opera Speed Dial so that your information goes whereverusers go.

“Two years ago, we introduced Opera Mini to the world because we wanted tobring the Web to users everywhere. Today, Opera Mini is the world’s mostpopular mobile browser”, says Jon von Tetzchner, CEO, Opera. “As a result,the mobile Web is now a mass phenomenon. Opera Mini 4 raises the bar foruser-friendly access to the Web on any mobile phone, anywhere in theworld.”

We’ve had a lot of help from the community to get us ready to releaseOpera Mini 4 to the world,” says Oleg Tukh, product manager for OperaMini. “Now that it’s ready and free to download, anyone can discover thebeauty of Opera Mini and enjoy the best Web experience available on almostany regular mobile phone. We’re excited to share this with everyone.”

Worldwide growth

Opera Mini is the world’s most popular mobile Web browser, with 26 millioncumulative users viewing more than one billion Web pages per month. OperaMini has seen user growth skyrocket in the past 12 months as more of theworld’s population browses the Web with mobile devices.

Opera Mini offers a superior browsing experience to other mobile browsers.In some locations where wired infrastructure is limited or Web access bycomputer is restricted or expensive, Opera Mini is the only application tobring the Web to millions everyday.

Fans speak out

“I love Opera Mini. It truly gives me seamless access to the Internet onthe go, hassle free,” says Kaushik Mohan, an Opera Mini user in Bangalore,India. “Security, reliability, innovation and cost effectiveness OperaMini gives me all I need. It’s addictive and it’s brilliant”

“The Internet exactly as you know it – right in the very palm of your hand,” says Melissa Brophy, an Opera Mini user from Johannesburg, South Africa. “What you see on a computer screen is what you get on your mobile. How much cooler can it get?”

“I like the new Opera Mini 4 for its Opera Link support,” says Ryan Octavianus, who uses Opera Mini in Bandung, Indonesia. “I think Opera has done it. I can bring my bookmarks and Speed Dial everywhere, especially using Opera Mini on my phone. This is very cool because sometimes I bookmark pages with long URLs and I’m lazy to input it manually or search for it using Opera Mini. Having synchronised bookmarks and Speed Dialmakes my life easier.”

“I can read blogs and leave comments, check my e-mail and RSS, download files and many many other things far and wide at any time,” says Oleg Tarasov, an Opera Mini user in Tambov, Russia. “Opera Mini is one groundbreaking technology that ensures the real Internet is accessed by practically everyone with any mobile phone. The Opera Mini start page is also very useful – it’s like a mini portal, showing your search field, recently visited pages, bookmarks etc. Opera Mini 4 also reduces the cost of data traffic up to 10 times! That’s why I love my Opera Mini browser.”

Opera Mini for Carriers and Manufacturers

For carriers operating in an intense competitive environment, Opera Mini remains one of the few technologies proven to improve average revenue per user (ARPU), lower data delivery costs, and increase customer retention and brand loyalty. Manufacturers select Opera Mini to drive feature-rich handsets that are more attractive and interesting to carriers and end users alike. The full range of Opera’s trusted solutions continue to be the choice to enable faster time to market and reduce costs without compromising the user experience.


Screenshot – BBC, Screenshot – Times, Screenshot – Pitchfork, Screenshot – Aftenposten


Opera Mini is available completely free. Just point your phone’s current Web browser to and we’ll take care of the rest. If you have an earlier version of Opera Mini, upgrading is simple. Click the announcement banner on the start screen and begin to enjoy the new and improved Opera Mini 4.