GetJar presents annual ‘Mobile Application of the Year Award’ to the Opera Mini Web browser

Awards also presented for Best Enterprise Application, Best Consumer Application, Best Game, and a special GetJar ‘Up and Coming’ Award.

London – 10 December 2007

GetJar ( –>), the world’s most popular mobile application distribution and developer community, has awarded its annual ‘Mobile Application of the Year Award’ to the Opera Mini Web browser. The award comes as a result of consistently high user ratings and feedback, together with the immense popularity of the product, which is the most downloaded application from GetJar in 2007.

In addition, GetJar has also presented awards to ‘RDM+’ for Best Enterprise Application, to ‘Vikrant Chavan’s Dictionary’ for Best Consumer Application, and to ‘Army Vs Crime’ for Best Game. GetJar also recognised ‘Nav4all’ with an award for Up and Coming product.

GetJar offers the broadest range of applications to mobile users around the world, averaging over 8 million downloads per month and over 100 million in total in the last two years alone. It brings developers and users together by offering a community where developers can beta-test their products for free, and where consumers can access the latest and best Java, Symbian, Windows Mobile and Palm applications in return for their feedback.

GetJar’s Product of the Year, Opera Mini, is a fast and tiny Web browser that allows users to access the full Internet on their phone, and has been downloaded from GetJar over 3.3 million times. It uses Opera’s Small Screen Renderingâ„¢ technology to provide access to the Web, and has all the features expected of a browser, such as content download, skinning, bookmarks, browsing history and strong security issues so users can email, shop and bank with confidence.

“This is incredibly valuable recognition for Opera, from what is the biggest and most influential mobile application user community in the world. Opera Mini is a big hit with these people and their support is crucial for us tackling the larger group of mass consumers,” explained Tatsuki Tomita, Senior Vice President of Consumer Products at Opera. “The insight of GetJar users has assisted us in shaping the product so it better meets their needs. It has also allowed us to develop a product that runs well on all the world’s 800+ million Java-enabled phones.”

Ilja Laurs, Founder and CEO of GetJar commented, “Opera Mini has consistently been the most popular and widely adopted application we offer to our community, and is a worthy winner of Product of the Year. But all our winners have proved extremely popular among their users this year and we’re sure that success will continue into 2008.”

GetJar Product of the Year 2007: Opera Mini


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Founded in 2004, GetJar ( is the world’s most popular mobile application distribution and developer community, with over 200,000 registered developer and beta-tester accounts. GetJar operates a groundbreaking business model in which all industry groups from consumers and developers to publishers and advertisers are connected in an interactive environment, which also gives users an active role in product development. With over 100 million downloads from the site in just two years, and currently averaging over 8 million downloads per month, GetJar sits at the heart of the mobile development world, with visitors to the site coming from 135 countries worldwide.

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