Opera’s Indonesian debut

Newly released Opera 9.6 now available in Indonesian

Oslo, Norway – October 8, 2008

Today, the world discovered Opera 9.6, theeven faster and more flexible new browser from Opera Software. InIndonesia, locals are now experiencing the first-ever Indonesian languageversion of the Opera desktop browser. This new language version is atestament to Opera’s commitment to getting more Indonesians online, intheir own language.

Opera 9.6 is available as a free download from www.opera.com.

While still in its Internet infancy with only 10 percent of the countryonline via a computer, Indonesia presents enormous growth potential forOpera. Opera usage in Indonesia is already spreading rapidly, as thecompany has experienced double-digit year-on-year growth for its desktopbrowser alone.

“Indonesia is a very important market for Opera on both desktop and mobilephones. We are committed to making it easier for Indonesians to surf theWeb, and we have, therefore, tailored our products to meet their needs,”said Jon von Tetzchner, CEO, Opera Software. “While Indonesia currently hasabout 25 million Internet users on the desktop, we expect this number torise significantly as the infrastructure continues to develop. More andmore people in Indonesia are getting online, and Opera is ready andwaiting to usher them in with its latest Indonesian language version.”

Indonesians have already discovered the power of Opera Mini, Opera’s Webbrowser for nearly any mobile phone. Opera Mini gets Indonesians onlinewhen a broadband connection may not be an option. Indonesia is the secondlargest user of Opera Mini in the world, and Opera has experienced doubledigit quarter-on-quarter growth with this product.

In addition to the new Indonesian language version, Opera 9.6 also features:


    Speed Dial


    Transform your top nine sites into visual favorites that are immediately available in any new tab.


    Fraud Protection


    This is enabled by default, automatically detecting and warning you about fraudulent Web sites.


    Opera Link


    Sync your bookmarks with Opera Mini or among multiple computers.


    Opera Mail


    Opera’s optimized e-mail client is now available in Indonesian, including Opera Mail’s low-bandwidth mode, for times when the connection speed is slow.


    Turn off images


    Conserve bandwidth for slower connections.


    Improved speed performance


    Opera 9.6 responds more quickly and loads pages faster.

To download Opera 9.6 in Indonesian and for more information, visit www.opera.com.

Check out Opera Mini on your mobile phone by visiting www.operamini.com.