Phoenix Technologies and Opera Software partner to deliver the fastest-loading browser platform optimized for Phoenix Hyperspace™

Instant-On, always-connected HyperSpace extends notebook battery life by 25% and now features Opera Software’s speedy, secure and feature-rich Web browser

Milpitas, CA — November 5, 2008

Phoenix Technologies Ltd. (NASDAQ: PTEC), the global leader in core systems software, today announced a partnership with Opera Software ASA (OBX: OPERA) to develop the fast-loading Opera Browser optimized for the HyperSpace platform that will deliver instant-on access to the Internet for mobile PCs. Phoenix HyperSpace is a unique, virtual computing environment that can host instant-on applications and specialized, secure computing services that can run independently of Windows while the operating system boots up, is running or shuts down.

The solution developed as a result of this partnership will enable consumers to access the Internet and begin browsing the Web, conduct secure transactions or read and send email within seconds of turning on a HyperSpace-enabled PC without having to wait for Windows to boot. The Opera browser is fully optimized for supporting widgets, efficiently manages power and memory based on one’s computer specs, and includes Opera Link, a feature that allows users to synch bookmarks and saved pages among multiple devices and operating systems.

“As PC users become increasingly more mobile, Opera sought to deliver the kinds of browser capabilities that reflect the way people use their mobile devices, even building in the capacity to synch web information from the PC to the mobile phone,” said Rolf Assev, Chief Strategy Officer at Opera. “Working with Phoenix not only gives us an opportunity to partner with a technology leader that embraces our vision of offering fully customizable browser solutions, but it represents a way we can improve the user experience by helping to deliver instant-on access to the full Web on the next generation of mobile PCs.”

“Instant-on access to the Internet is a cornerstone of our PC 3.0â„¢ promise to simplify the PC end user experience and transform PCs into more user-friendly, versatile and effective systems,” said Woody Hobbs, President and CEO of Phoenix Technologies. “We sought the most robust technology for mobile PCs in the industry to deploy a browser optimized for HyperSpace. By working with Opera, we can ensure users will enjoy a dynamic online experience seconds after turning on their PCs. And once Windows has fully booted, users will be able to quickly and easily toggle back and forth between their Windows applications and the instant-on, always-available HyperSpace environment. An added benefit is that HyperSpace delivers an extra two hours of battery life on the average notebook.”

The Phoenix HyperSpace platform provides a unique computing environment that PC designers, software developers and content providers can utilize to create self-contained, instant-on applications that bring new convenience, uptime and security to users. PC users will have access to a host of instant-on applications and content including multi-media players, email, instant messaging, Web 2.0 browsing, safe shopping and more. Users will also enjoy the benefits of up to two hours of extra battery life on their HyperSpace-enabled laptops.

About Phoenix Technologies Ltd.

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