Opera inside Zii EGG: Opera Devices Selected by ZiiLABS to power its latest platform

Oslo, Norway – August 5, 2009

Opera Software today announced that the Opera Devices SDK 9.7 has been selected by ZiiLABS, a wholly owned subsidiary of Creative Technology Ltd., to bring full Web browsing and a Web application environment to its new developer platform, the handheld Zii EGG StemCell Computer. Currently, a fully integrated version of the Opera browser is offered by ZiiLABS for Devices on their ZMS-05 applications processor. The Zii EGG is the first device to use the ZMS-05 chipset complete with the company’s freshly launched Linux-based Plaszma operating system.

The Zii EGG provides developers with a compelling platform upon which to develop new and unique Web applications. Opera delivers the necessary Web tools to create useful content and services including news feeds, Web mail, weather updates, social networking and other advanced Web applications. In this “developer edition”, the Zii EGG helps developers, system integrators and OEMS to create develop powerful new solutions for the mass market.

“We are excited to introduce our mutual customers to the power of Opera running on the Zii EGG StemCell Computer, based on ZMS-05. Opera has made it a priority to work closely with silicon vendors in order to create winning solutions that not only exceed customer expectations, but help them get their devices to the masses even faster,” said Jon von Tetzchner, CEO, Opera Software. “ZiiLABS shares Opera’s vision of delivering valuable solutions that will reduce time-to-market and make a positive impact on the device ecosystem.”

“By including Opera on the Zii EGG, we are providing customers with yet another way to get Web browsing and advanced Web applications on the market even faster,” said Lee Teck Chee, Chief Software Officer, ZiiLABS. “We chose to pre-integrate Opera on our ZMS-05 chipsets so that end customers could have a fully integrated and optimized solution that frees them from spending numerous engineering hours on incorporating new features and essential plug-ins.”

Opera for ZMS-05

With Opera preinstalled with the ZMS-05 chipset, ZiiLABS is able to offer a pre-optimized solution that is flexible and market-ready. Opera technology, including Opera Zoom, touchscreen optimization, and a Web View Engine for Web application development, are pre-integrated. This makes it easier for manufacturers, system integrators and software developers to deliver best-in-breed products to the mass market quickly and easily. Together, Opera and ZiiLABS are delivering a tried-and-tested solution that eases the development process and speeds up time-to-market.

About ZiiLABS

ZiiLABS is a worldwide leader in low-power, media-rich application processors, hardware platforms and advanced middleware that enable OEMs, ODMs, System Integrators and Software Developers to deliver best-in-class products across a broad range of consumer electronics and embedded markets.Originally founded in 1994 as 3DLABS, the company re-branded and joined with the Personal Digital Entertainment group of Creative Technology to form ZiiLABS in January 2009. ZiiLABs now has over 800 R&D engineers working on ZiiLABS related projects and has invested US$1 billion and 10,000 man years in media processing solutions.The company has offices in the UK, China, USA and Singapore.