Save those Wii points and download Opera on Wii for free

Oslo, Norway — September 30, 2009

Nintendo of Europe is offering theOpera-powered Internet Channel for Wii free of charge, effective from 1September. This customized-for-Wii browser by Opera Software was formerlyavailable through the Wii Shop Channel for 500 Wii Points. Nintendo isoffering users who have previously purchased the Internet Channel withtheir Wii points a free NES title from the Virtual Console, starting inOctober.

Opera for Wii is a unique, interactive Internet experience that the entirefamily can enjoy. By pointing and clicking with the Wii Remote, users canaccess e-mail, online photos, Flash-based videos and much more. Operafirst introduced its smart zoom-technology with the launch of the InternetChannel, providing people with a simple way to resize content for betterviewing. Opera makes navigation easy on the TV screen, with the Wii Remotebehaving as a wand for users to easily direct their Web journeys.

“We are pleased to have been a part of Nintendo’s revolutionary gameconsole for the past three years. Our goal has long been to deliver theInternet on more devices, in more places, and by partnering with Nintendowe are achieving just that,” said Jon von Tetzchner, CEO, Opera Software.”The last barrier to adoption of the Internet Channel has been removed,and we hope that more people than ever will discover the truly compellingWeb-surfing experience that we have tailor-made for Nintendo.”


To download the Internet Channel, simply visit the Wii Shop Channel onyour Wii console. The Wii must be connected to the Internet at that time.

For details on acquiring a free NES title upon prior purchase of theInternet Channel, please visit the Wii Message Board or, orcontact your local Nintendo customer-services department.