Opera Mail: the hidden gem in Opera 10

Opera’s secret weapon greatly improves your personal productivity

Oslo, Norway — October 2, 2009

To aid your quest for optimal efficiency on the Web, Opera 10, Opera’s newest Web browser, includes an industry leading e-mail client, Opera Mail. By combining both functions into one product, Opera Mail users benefit from existing Opera browser features such as session restore, which saves your messages if you suddenly lose connection; Closed Tabs, which allows you to retrieve any deleted e-mails or drafts; and the Spell Checker, a new feature in Opera 10. Opera 10 is completely free and available from www.opera.com.

Top features of Opera Mail

Persistence: All of your e-mails are there even when you are not connectedto the Web. Your e-mails are stored right on your hard disk so that youcan read and respond anywhere. When you are back online, Opera Mailsynchronizes with your e-mail services, keeping you organized andproductive.

Low-bandwidth mode: When you travel, you are at the mercy of your Webconnection. Avoid the speed bumps by enabling low-bandwidth mode. Whenactivated, Opera Mail fetches only the necessary information that you needto go through your e-mails.

All accounts in one place: The great features of Opera Mail work with allyour different e-mail accounts.

Filter spam the smart way: The smart spam filter that comes with OperaMail not only works in the background to rid you of unwanted e-mails, butalso learns from your preferences. Every time you drag and drop into, orout of, the spam filter, it learns more about your preferences and adjustsautomatically.

Opera Mail learns from you: Opera Mail incorporates smarter “views” and”filters” in place of traditional folders to organize your messages. Thesefilters can also learn from the way you interact with them.

Get rid of the Inbox: Opera Mail replaces the tired, old Inbox with a viewthat shows all unread messages. This is a useful way of collecting allmessages you have not read. Once you’ve read it, mark it as read and itwill disappear from view. Don’t worry, it remains in the Received view foryou to access later, and also in any other relevant views or filters.Think of it like an e-mail “to do” list.

Search with speed: Searching through thousands of e-mails used to taketime. With Opera Mail, you can quickly retrieve particular messages. OperaMail has multiple search options to allow you to refine your search asmuch as you want. Plus, whenever you run a search through your Mail panel,it is automatically saved under the “Searches” filter. Future messageswill be sorted through these filters.

What Opera Mail users on My Opera say:“I really love it – it’s a paradigm shift from the old folders/filesmetaphor. The search is lovely and the persistence of it is even better.Couldn’t manage an inbox without it these days.” — tehdai

“I use it for work mail at home, and it does everything I need it to. It’sfast, efficient, and integrates perfectly with my browser and OS. Thethreading feature can save hours looking through mails, and thecustomization options (as with everything Opera) just plain rock!” — dgoemans

“Modern, wide-screen monitors heart Opera Mail! Why? Well, you can useOpera Mail to have your email open in a column down one side of thescreen, set up Visual Tabs down the other side of the screen and *still*have room for a normal browser window between them! And why would anybodyNOT have their email client right there at their fingertips?!” — Brianlj

“I don’t use Opera Mail. I live in Opera Mail.” — Zop

Quick Opera Mail tips

Use Opera Mail with Gmail, Yahoo! Mail and others: www.opera.com/mail/start/
View the full list of shortcuts: www.opera.com/mail/shortcuts/