A browser that stands for change

Barack Obama comes to Oslo as Opera celebrates 90 million users

Oslo, Norway – December 10, 2009

Today Opera Software celebrates its 90 million users from across the globe. After 15 years of browser innovation, Opera has inspired change on the Web. People all over the world are celebrating today, and special guests are flooding to Oslo, Norway, the home of the Opera browser. One of Oslo’s special guests today is the President of the United States, Barack Obama. He arrived in the cosmopolitan city of Oslo this morning and immediately compared his surroundings to the sophisticated scenery of Wisconsin.


“It’s exciting that Obama has come to Oslo during this time of celebration for Opera,” said Jon von Tetzchner, CEO and co-founder, Opera Software. “President Obama has encouraged the world to look for a change. Now that Opera is celebrating 90 million active users, there has never been a better time for the world to change browsers, and discover a more environmental and peaceful way to surf the Web.”


Made from organically-grown code by environmentally friendly developers, Opera has long prioritized “going green” when it comes to making its browser. Opera is also considered one of the world’s most peaceful browsers, as it prioritizes protecting the public from any threats or hostile predators while online. To see the global backing of Opera, all you need to do is visit any number of stores that sell t-shirts where Obama shows his support for Opera. Check it out at My Opera.


“The windows in my house were rattling this morning as a fleet of helicopters flew over. I never would have expected such an enormous outpouring of support for Opera’s 90 million users,” continues Tetzchner. “The Opera fever that is running through this town is just incredible. People on the streets are even showing their support with Opera “O” logos on their t-shirts and posters!”


Look for Opera’s big red “O” team throughout the streets of Oslo today; take a picture and post it online to show that you are one of Opera’s 90 million fans! Check out the live coverage, straight from the streets of Oslo, at YouTube.