More than 5 million people are browsing faster with Opera Turbo

Opera’s unique compression technology expands with 60 percent user growth in one month, according to latest Opera Turbo report

Oslo, Norway – December 18, 2009


More than five million people used Opera Turbo during the month of November, a greater than 60 percent increase over usage in October. This rapidly increasing usage rate denotes a distinct market need for Opera‚s turbo-charged technology, and reflects the universal burden of slow surfing speeds. Opera 10.10 with Opera Turbo is ready to boost your browsing speeds; download it free at

The Opera Turbo Report, published bi-monthly, provides information on the leading global trends generated by Opera Turbo users. The full report is available from (English only). In addition to country snapshots, the report highlights issues affecting turbo browsing around the world.

Global trends

In November 2009, more than five million people used Opera Turbo, a 60% percent increase from the 3.2 million users recorded in October.

Together, the five million Opera Turbo users viewed nearly 1.5 billion compressed pages in November 2009. This marks a 36.6 percent increase in page views since October.

In November 2009, Opera Turbo served more than 72 terabytes of data to users. The average compression rate for Opera Turbo in November was 63.6 percent, meaning that those users would have received 199 terabytes of uncompressed data if they were not using Opera Turbo. Since October 2009, data traffic has increased by 38 percent.

Trends in the top 20 countries

The top 20 countries are ranked according to unique users of Opera Turbo. They are (in order): Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Poland, United States, Indonesia, India, China, Belarus, Brazil, Kazakhstan, Italy, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, France, Romania, Turkey, Japan, Spain and Slovakia.

Of the top 20 countries listed above , the countries with the highest number of pages viewed using Opera Turbo are (in order): Russia, China, Ukraine, Poland, India, Germany, Indonesia, United States, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Brazil, United Kingdom, Italy, France, Turkey, Spain and Japan.

Of the top 20 countries listed above, the countries with the highest numbers of pages viewed per user with Opera Turbo are (in order): China, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Slovakia, Romania, India, Poland, Indonesia, Czech Republic, United States, Brazil, Turkey, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain and Japan.

What we say

“The numbers have spoken. Opera Turbo is resolving the universal discontent with slow browsing. This is not an issue particular to one country or one type of device; it is an issue that affects us all at one time or another,” said Jon von Tetzchner, CEO, Opera Software. “Now, no matter where in the world Opera 10 users find themselves, they know that Opera Turbo is available to assure quick and efficient Web surfing.”

What is Opera Turbo?

Opera Turbo is a unique compression technology available in both Opera 10 and Opera Mobile. Opera Turbo reduces the size of Web pages by up to 80 percent, dramatically improving browsing speeds over slow networks and saving money on “pay as you go” connections. To activate Opera Turbo, simply click the Opera Turbo icon in the lower, left-hand corner of the Opera 10 browser. Then sit back and surf the Web at turbo speeds

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